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1.  Call to Order

Chairman McCray called the meeting to order at 9:22 a.m.

2.  Roll Call


  • Cameron Beach
  • Malcolm Heinicke     
  • Jerry Lee
  • James McCray, Jr.
  • Tom Nolan – absent at Roll Call
  • Bruce Oka

Absent:  Shirley Breyer Black – with notification

3.  Announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting.

Chairman McCray announced that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting.  He advised that any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices might be removed from the meeting. He also advised that cell phones that are set on “vibrate” cause microphone interference and requested that they be placed in the “off” position.

4.  Communications


5. Executive Director’s Report (For discussion only)

  • Ongoing Activities   

Exec. Director Ford provided advanced notice of a calendar item to extend the 22-Fillmore line as a project that has been identified as an “early start” project for the eastern neighborhoods. 

6. Citizen’s Advisory Council Report

No report.

7.  Public Comment





8.  Presentation and Discussion of FY08 Year-End Review. (No explanatory documents.) (Debra Johnson)

Debra Johnson, Chief of Staff and Director of Administration presented the review.

No public comment.

9.  Report on the first quarter FY09 financial results. (No explanatory documents.) (Sonali Bose)

Sonali Bose, Chief Financial Officer presented the report.  Ms.  Bose also discussed the status of the SFMTA’s Breda car lease/leaseback agreement.

No public comment.

10. Report on Index Implementation Plan. (No explanatory documents.) (Sonali Bose)

Sonali Bose, Chief Financial Officer presented the report.

No public comment.

11. Overview of the Advertising contracts and opportunities.  (No explanatory documents.) (Sonali Bose)

Sonali Bose, Chief Financial Officer presented the overview.

Tom Nolan arrived at the meeting.

Vice Chairman Nolan requested that staff provide a menu of unfunded capital “needs and wants”.


Tariq Mahmoud suggested placement of a television rather than print ads on the inside of the buses. 

Dave Schneider suggested that the art community be incorporated into advertising.  The buses could be “muralized” by kids.   Corporations could sponsor a mural and include smaller corporate logos.  This would contribute to Muni revenues.

12. Status of the merger with the Taxi Commission. (No explanatory documents.) (Debra Johnson)

Debra Johnson, Chief of Staff and Director of Administration presented the report.


Veena Duval, Asian Law Caucus stated that the Taxi Advisory Group (TAG) lacked representation by taxi drivers.  Company owners and medallion holders vote as one block.  Drivers would have to get unanimous agreement from medallion holders for recommendations to move forward.  She also expressed concern over a proposed four-year budget freeze.  It won’t allow for the kind of improvements that the merger is supposed to effectuate. 

Bud Hazelkorn, Chairman, United Taxicab Workers, stressed the need for taxi drivers to be heard.  Cab drivers foot the bill but we have no health care and no protections.  The proposed Taxi Advisory Group is stacked against taxi drivers.  Raising the meter rate was supposed to off set driver losses but it was a terrible idea.  The industry should have centralized dispatch.  Company income should be tied to serving the people.  You won’t get those ideas from a TAG that is stacked against drivers.  Please insure driver ideas are heard.

Dave Schneider stated that there are many interconnections between taxis and public transit which will be good for the taxi industry.  Centralized dispatch is a good idea.  People should be able to get the nearest available cab.  Cab drivers are ambassadors of good will but they don’t even get basic benefits.  Mr. Schneider expressed hope that the SFMTA will consider treating drivers as valid citizens of the City and County with full labor benefits.   Drivers are reduced to a minority with the proposed TAG. 

Mark Gruberg stated that there is a false division in the industry.  The interests of medallion holders and cab companies are nearly identical.  Most all cab companies are run by medallion holders.  The TAG is unfair and unbalanced.  The public should have a significant role on the advisory body.  Mr. Gruberg stated that here shouldn’t be a four year freeze on the fees paid by the industry.  TXC staff has been understaffed and underfunded.  Don’t tie their hands. 

Kagendra stated that Yellow Cab has 1500 drivers.  People are getting taxi service in every corner of city because Yellow Cab has computerized dispatch.  The TAG should have Yellow Cab drivers on it. It would be good to have the owner of Yellow Cab on the TAB because he is a real representative of the driver.

Tariq Mahmoud stated that he is sensitive to the needs of the public and is not afraid of companies or medallion holders.  They listen to logical arguments.  Mr. Gruberg is a taxi cab company owner, a medallion holder and a driver and he speaks for drivers.  Others can as well. Drivers are okay and are not in a dire situation.   Drivers have no stake in the industry.  We should be looking at how to build equity in the system. 

Martin Smith, Luxor Cabs, stated that out of 7,000 drivers, 30% are part time, and 20% are medallion holders.  All drivers were at one point, an “A-card” driver.  Managers and owners started with “A-cards”. No matter who’s on the TAG, everyone is represented. 

Jordanna Thigpen, Executive Director, Taxi Commission stated that the composition of the permanent Taxi Advisory body was the subject of the most heated discussion and the recommended composition received an almost unanimous approval.   The TAG would provide peer review and advice on technical issues. 

Director Heinicke stated that the TAG didn’t need to be so large and suggested that the number of company and medallion holders be reduced to make the size of the group more manageable.  There is a lot of overlap between companies and medallion holders. 

Director Oka requested that the City Attorney look into whether the residency requirement that is applicable to CCSF boards and commissions would be applicable to this body. 

Chairman McCray requested more discussion regarding the definition and purpose of the Taxi Advisory Group.

13. Presentation and discussion of the Capital Program. (No explanatory documents.) (Carter Rohan)

Carter Rohan, Senior Director, Transportation Planning and Development, presented the report.

No public comment.

14. Presentation of Prop. A training provided by the City Controller and City Attorney. (No explanatory documents.) (Ben Rosenfield/Julia Friedlander)

Ben Rosenfield, City Controller, Peg Stevenson, Director, City Services Audit Division, Controller’s Office and Julia Friedlander, Deputy City Attorney presented the training.

ADJOURN - The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

A tape of the meeting is on file in the office of the Secretary to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors.

Roberta Boomer
Board Secretary

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