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New Overhead Wiring – Reroute 33 Stanyan on to Valencia Street

Construct new overhead wire to allow the 33 Stanyan to be rerouted on to Valencia Street between 16th and 18th Streets.  This would reduce friction with Mission Street buses to improve the reliability of Mission Street transit services and would improve connections to the 22 Fillmore at the 16th Street BART Station.

Bypass Wires at Various Terminal Locations

Install bypass wires to improve terminal operations where multiple trolley routes share a terminal.  This would allow buses to pass each other.  These could be located at:  Fourth and Townsend Streets, Lyon and Union Streets, and Presidio and Sacramento Streets.

New Overhead Wiring –
6 Parnassus on Stanyan Street

New overhead wires from Haight Street to Parnassus Avenue (0.3 mile) that would allow the 6 Parnassus to operate on the full length of Haight Street.  This would increase service on the busiest portion of Haight Street west of Masonic Avenue.  

5 Fulton Limited/Local Bypass Wires

Install bypass wires at strategic locations between Sixth Avenue/Fulton Street and Market Street/McAllister streets, to allow for introduction of a 5L Fulton Limited trolley coach service alongside the 5 Fulton (local) trolley coach service, allowing both services to run concurrently on Fulton Street with electric trolley vehicles. 

22 Fillmore Extension to Mission Bay

New overhead wire on 16th Street between Connecticut Street and Third Street and parts of the UCSF Campus that would provide connections to Mission Bay, including the new UCSF campus and hospital, residential projects, and research facilities.  The 33 Stanyan would be re-routed from Potrero Avenue to cover 22 Fillmore service on 18th Street.

New Overhead Wiring – 6 Parnassus Extension to West Portal Station

This project would provide a direct connection for customers on the west side of Twin Peaks and existing customers in the western portions of the Haight and Cole Valley to Muni Metro service at West Portal Station.

Accessible Rail Platforms

Build accessible platforms to expand the number of accessible stops along the surface portions of the light rail system.  This would allow people with mobility impairments to better utilize the light rail system.

Sansome Street Contraflow Extension

Extend southbound “transit-commercial” contraflow lane north three blocks on Sansome Street to Broadway using paint, signage, and signal modifications from Broadway to Clay Street.  This project is related to the 10 Townsend service change.

E Line Independent Terminal at Jones Street/Beach Street

This project would involve development of a new independent terminal stop for the E Embarcadero Line at the north end of the route near Jones and Beach streets. A separate stop would facilitate independent movements of E Embarcadero and F Market & Wharves streetcars at its northern terminus, which would improve reliability for both routes by allowing for independent terminal departures and preventing trains on one route from getting delayed behind trains from the other route. Development of the new terminal would require the installation of new bypass rails, track work turnouts, track switches, and overhead wires and poles, and possibly sidewalk modifications.

Lyon Street/Richardson Avenue Bus Stop – Transfer Point

Improve transfer point at Lyon Street and Richardson Avenue for the SFMTA’s 28L 19th Avenue Limited and Golden Gate Transit (GGT) services.  This project would replace the transfer currently at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza, which the 28L 19th Avenue Limited would no longer serve.  28 19th Avenue (local service) customers would continue to transfer at the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza. Potential improvements may include changes to pedestrian access and the construction of a transit bulb.

San Francisco General Hospital Transfer Point

Design and implement new transfer hub between 23rd and 24th streets and Potrero Avenue to make transferring between Routes 9/9L San Bruno/Limited, 10 Townsend, 19 Polk, 48 Quintara-24th Street and 58 24th Street more convenient.  

Persia Triangle Improvements (Mission Street/Ocean Avenue/Persia Street) The Persia Triangle Improvements would change the pedestrian and transit circulation along the intersections of Mission Street and Ocean Avenue, Mission Street and Persia Avenue, and Ocean and Persia Avenues, which form the "Persia Triangle." The proposed project would include the pedestrian and transit bulbs to complement the realignment of the 29 Sunset.

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