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Release date: August 6, 2008

*** Press Release ***

Revised Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) Recommendations Announced at TEP Policy Advisory Group Meeting

San Francisco—The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) today announced the revised staff recommendations of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), the first comprehensive review of Muni in a generation. SFMTA Executive Director/CEO Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. and City Controller Ben Rosenfield reviewed the revised recommendations put forth by SFMTA staff with the project’s Policy Advisory Group, which is made up of key Muni stakeholders who have met regularly over the course of the TEP.

"Improving Muni is crucial to securing our environmental future,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom. “The TEP is our best opportunity to make sure that we fulfill the promise of our Transit First city."

The SFMTA plans to seek approval of the revised staff recommendations from the SFMTA Board of Directors at its September 16, 2008 meeting. Reliability improvements, delay reduction efforts, and related pilot projects will continue in the months ahead, while route and line changes could be implemented as early as July 2009, depending on the required environmental assessment.

"We are committed to transforming Muni through the TEP,” said the SFMTA’s Ford. “Our chances of success are high because this project combines sound transit practices with the collective feedback of our current and potential customers.”

The goal of the TEP is to transform Muni so people can get where they want to go more reliably, quickly, and safely. In February, 2008, TEP staff began a four-month review of the draft TEP proposal by Muni customers, community members, employees and other stakeholders. During the outreach period, the TEP team conducted 11 public workshops, over 50 community briefings and 40 employee roundtable discussions. The project experienced 20,000 unique hits to its Web site and received over 4,000 comments.

The revised recommendations continue to emphasize efforts to improve Muni’s reliability, reduce travel times, and create a comprehensive and improved Muni route network that better reflects the changing travel patterns in San Francisco.

Many comments received in recent months led to revised route proposals. And while some lines and segments of lines with low ridership continue to be recommended for elimination, the revised recommendations also include a commitment to serve most existing community routes with a van service that would better match the ridership demands and the hilly terrain in these areas.

One of the key findings of the TEP is that close to 75 percent of all daily Muni vehicle boardings occur on the 15 busiest corridors in the City. By focusing more of the agency’s resources and attention on these corridors, Muni can improve the transit experience for the vast majority of its customers. Under the TEP’s recommendations, at least 80 percent of Muni customers in the morning and afternoon peak periods would have shorter wait times for trains, buses, and streetcars.

The TEP seeks to address Muni’s structural budget deficit by making service more efficient and by reducing traffic congestion and pollution by getting people out of their cars and attracting new customers to Muni. Though the TEP recommendations are designed to be budget neutral, the project also provides the SFMTA Board of Directors with the outline of an “enhanced plan” to shape the agency’s possible investment in expanded service should increased funding be identified.

A joint project of the Controller’s Office and the SFMTA, the TEP recommendations began with 18 months of data collection and analysis, industry and market research, extensive community outreach, and customer and stakeholder input. A TEP overview, the revised recommendations, and extensive route-by-route data and maps can be found on the project Web site at

Members of the public can provide comments on the revised recommendations by attending the September 16 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting or by contacting the Board as follows:


SFMTA Board of Directors
1 South Van Ness Ave. 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103



311/TTY 415-701-2323



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