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Release date: April 16, 2012

*** Press Release ***

Images of SFpark street signs

Image of SFpark merchant decal

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all transportation in the city, including the Municipal Railway (Muni), today will implement the latest demand-responsive rate adjustment at city-owned garages that are part of SFpark, the SFMTA’s two-year federally funded pilot of new parking management technologies and approaches. About one-third of hourly rates for cars will decrease, eight percent will increase, and the rest will stay the same. Daily and monthly rates will not change. New signage and outreach as well as more flexible discount hours are being rolled out to help drivers access SFpark garages.

Because city garages are often underutilized, hourly rates for cars in SFpark garages have dropped an average of $0.95, or 30 percent, since SFpark rate changes began last April. Garage rates are now frequently lower than the rates at surrounding meters, with some garage rates as low as $1 per hour.

“The city built parking garages to benefit commercial districts, but many of the garages are underutilized,” said Edward D. Reiskin, Director of Transportation. “Garages used to be more expensive than meters, giving drivers a financial incentive to circle for street parking. By reducing hourly rates at garages, we are encouraging drivers to go straight to garages, getting them to the local shops and restaurants faster and clearing the streets for Muni and traffic.”

SFpark garages will continue to offer “off-peak” discounts to encourage people to avoid driving during rush hour. In the coming weeks, SFpark will adjust the start time one hour later so that drivers receive a discount for arriving before 8:30 a.m. or leaving after 7 p.m. For garages offering early bird rates, those rates soon will apply to drivers who enter garages before 8:30 a.m. (also one hour later) and exit by the end of the day, giving them more flexibility.

SFpark garages are now even easier to find. Street signs with the SFpark blue “P” guide drivers to garage entrances. Soon a matching “P” sign will show them they have arrived at their destination. After the regular steel signs are installed at the garages, lighted “P” signs will be added to garage entrances, similar to the prototype at the Moscone Garage.

The SFMTA will also reach out to local merchants to make them aware of SFpark garages and rates, providing a decal for shop windows that shows customers the nearest SFparkgarage location. There is usually parking available at these city-owned garages, and customers can get real-time parking availability information via SFpark apps and Merchants near SFparkgarages who wish to request a decal can e-mail

For more information on SFpark garages, please visit

For the full list of new rates and the rate adjustment policy, please visit

SFpark Garages with Rates under $2



Hours with a $2.00 or lower rate


16th and Hoff Garage

All day

Mission-Bartlett Garage



Moscone Center Garage

Midnight-9am, 3pm-Midnight

Fifth & Mission Garage

Midnight-9am, 6pm-Midnight


Lombard Street Garage

All day

Civic Center/ Hayes Valley

Civic Center Garage

Midnight-9am, 3pm-Midnight

Performing Arts Garage

All day

Fillmore/ Japantown

Japan Center Garages

Midnight-Noon, 3pm-Midnight

Union Square

Sutter Stockton Garage

Midnight-9am, 6pm-Midnight

Ellis-O’Farrell Garage

Midnight-9am, 6pm-Midnight

Financial District

St. Mary’s Square Garage

Mon-Fri: 6pm-Midnight

Sat-Sun: Midnight-9am, 6pm-Midnight

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