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Release date: 10/7/10

*** Press Release ***

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all surface transportation including the Municipal Railway (Muni), announced today that it is hosting Senior and Youth Clipper card sign ups at Muni Metro Stations throughout the month of October. At these events qualifying customers can apply for a Youth or Senior Clipper card. In January Senior and Youth pass holders will be required to start using a Senior or Youth Clipper card on Muni, beginning with their February pass. Muni “A” Fast Pass customers must transition to Clipper and RTC Customers must start loading their discounted pass to their RTC ID card as of November.

Clipper is the convenient way to pay for rides on many Bay Area transit services. The Clipper card stores value in the form of electronic cash (cash value) and transit passes. Clipper is accepted on all Muni vehicles (including cable car with monthly pass on the card only), BART, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, Caltrain and, soon, SamTrans and VTA.

Special note: Seniors and Youth, who ride AC Transit, must sign up through AC Transit. Call 511 and ask for details about AC Transit Senior and Youth Clipper cards.

Youth and senior discounts are available with Clipper cards, but customers must apply in person for a specially encoded Youth or Senior Clipper card. Appropriate discounts will be applied when customers use their cards. To make it easier for Youth and Seniors to begin using Clipper, the SFMTA is holding a series of promotional events at Muni Metro stations, where customers can apply in person for their free Youth or Senior Clipper card.

Seniors can also sign up at several senior resource centers as well as at the Muni Customer Service Center at 11 South Van Ness.

Customers who wish to apply for a Youth or Senior Clipper card should bring one of the following accepted forms of identification:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • San Francisco City Identification Card
  • Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
  • Matricula Consular/Consular Identification Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • Military Dependent Identification Card
  • Passport

After submitting an application, applicants will receive their cards in the mail within seven to 10 business days. Once customers have a Youth or Senior Clipper card, they may load their Muni discounted monthly pass on their Clipper cards; they also may load cash value on their cards and pay the equivalent of a youth or senior cash fare.

The Clipper card stores passes and cash value and automatically deducts the correct fare and calculates transfers and discounts.

For more information about the Youth and Senior Clipper card promotional events, visit or call 311. For more information about Clipper, visit

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