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City and County of San Francisco
Municipal Transportation Agency
Citizens’ Advisory Council

Engineering, Maintenance and Safety Committee


Wednesday, July 28, 2010, at 4 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Conference Room 3075
San Francisco, California

1. Call to Order
Chairman Daniel Weaver called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. 

2. Roll Call

EMSC Members present at Roll Call:  Daniel Weaver, Ruth Wheeler and Jamison Wieser

Greg Riessen arrived at 4:01 p.m. and Steve Ferrario arrived at 4:02 p.m.

EMSC Members absent:  None.

3. Announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting.

4. Approval of Minutes

On motion to approve the minutes of June 23: unanimously adopted
Ayes – Ferrario, Riessen, Weaver, Wheeler and Wieser

5. Report of the Chairman:  Dan Weaver

No report.

6. Public Comment: 


7. Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding capacity in the Metro Subway.  (John Haley)

John Haley, director, Transit Services, stated that having enough light rail vehicles, PCCs and historic rail cars is vital for service restoration in September.  The SFMTA will conduct a comprehensive rail network study, as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), which will include cars, capacity, accessibility and boarding locations.  A fleet management plan for rail is being developed to prepare for the purchase of new vehicles in 2022. 

Chairman Weaver stated that the EMSC would like to hear about upcoming Automatic Train Control System (ATCS) upgrades; consideration of a turn from Market Street onto southbound Church Street for the Church and Duboce Rail Replacement Project; lengthening the St. Francis Circle island; and SFMTA’s participation in BART’s long-range plans for a transbay tunnel connection and subway line down Folsom Street.  Mr. Haley stated that he would return to the August EMSC meeting to discuss the items.

Mr. Haley stated that the SFMTA will give Alcatel the opportunity to correct the problem of delayed ATCS information being passed on to NextBus monitors.  He will present information to the EMSC on the proposal, the cost and the schedule.  If the price and the timing are unreasonable, the ATCS display remains an option. 

Jamison Wieser asked about the problem of offline messages on subway monitors caused by complications with WiFi reception.  He stated that while the red LED monitors are accurate, there is only one display per platform, they are difficult to read, and many of the signs are not working.  Mr. Haley stated that he would provide an update regarding NextBus visuals at the next EMSC meeting.

No public comment

8. Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding T Third Line priority signalization system(Britt Tanner)

Britt Tanner, manager, Transportation Engineering, Sustainable Streets, gave an overview of the T Third Line priority signalization system.  She stated that the system sends train location information to traffic signal controllers to prioritize a train-crossing signal for trains approaching intersections.  The priority signalization system will be expanded to both the Van Ness and the Geary Bus Rapid Transit corridors.  Staff is looking into improvements such as wireless technology, cameras and signal cycle options that would minimize impacts to pedestrians, transit and traffic.   

No public comment

9. Committee Members’ requests for information (For discussion only) 

Greg Riessen stated that he read a blog site interview with a city traffic engineer regarding delays with light rail vehicle pullouts and the lack of inspectors due to budget issues.  The blog’s Web address will be forwarded to Debra Reed, secretary, SFMTA Citizens’ Advisory Council, for distribution to John Haley, director, Transit Services, and EMSC members.

10. Schedule upcoming calendar items (For discussion only)

Next regular meeting:  August 25, 2010, at 4 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Conference Room 3075

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Debra J. Reed
SFMTA CAC - Secretary

Accessible meeting policy – One South Van Ness Avenue

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