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City and County of San Francisco
Municipal Transportation Agency
Citizens’ Advisory Council

Engineering, Maintenance and Safety Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 9, 2009, at 3 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Conference Room 3075
San Francisco, California

1. Call to Order / Roll Call  
Chairman Daniel Weaver called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m. 

EMSC Members present at Roll Call:  Daniel Weaver, Greg Riessen and Ruth Wheeler

EMSC Members absent:  Steve Ferrario and Jamison Wieser

2. Public Comment:  None

3. Adopt Minutes of October 19, 2009: 

The minutes were continued.

4. Report of the Chairman:  Dan Weaver

No report.

5. Van Ness and Geary BRT (Discussion/Action) Paul Bignardie

Paul Bignardie, senior planner, Sustainable Streets, stated that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects are focused on transit-only lanes and signal priority serviced by low-floor articulated buses.  The Federal Transit Authority funded $75 million of the costs, and the remainder of the money will be provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and other local sources. 

Mr. Bignardie reviewed four BRT lane designs proposed for the Van Ness corridor.  The $66 million project will include exclusive lanes, “green” platforms, vintage style poles for overhead wiring and articulated trolley coach procurement.  The draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is due in summer 2010.  Revenue service is expected for 2014.  The Van Ness BRT line will be partnered with the 47 Van Ness and the 49 Mission-Van Ness lines for corridor service every 3 or 4 minutes.  The BRT will service stops along the Van Ness corridor, Mission Street and Ocean Avenue.  Trips along Townsend Street to Caltrain are still under consideration.  Local and limited services and downtown express trips will continue. 

The SFMTA partnered with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (CTA) on the BRT project for the Geary corridor, but the CTA is the environmental lead that made the deal with the contractor.  CTA set up the schedule, the timeline and how much resources they will invest into the project.  Once the project passes the EIR, the SFMTA will take over the project and its design.  The $75 to $100 million Geary BRT project will include procurement of articulated buses similar to Nabis and Hybrid vehicles.  While there is no overhead wiring infrastructure on Geary, there is enough room to include rail ready features.  (Van Ness was not wide enough for rail).  The Geary BRT will supplement the 38 Geary line’s local, limited and downtown express services.  The Geary BRT is scheduled a year following the Van Ness BRT construction.

6. Transit shelter and boarding island maintenance (Discussion/Action) Jason Gallegos and Catherine Carr

Jason Gallegos, civil engineer, Real Estate Contracts, Finance and Information Technology Division, stated that costs to maintain boarding islands and shelters have grown due to wear and tear of structures. Maintenance and repair costs outside of the scope of the Agreement would have to be absorbed by either a reduction in revenues received from the Transit Shelter Advertising Contract or the operating budget.  This action would require re-negotiations with Clear Channel and consequently a contract amendment.  Any contract amendments require the approval of the SFMTA Board and the Board of Supervisors.  This is not a recommended action at this time.  Fare machines are serviced by maintenance. The new shelters will be less costly to maintain. Catherine Carr, manager, Street Furniture Transit, ClearChannel, stated that while some properties do not clean well due to age, shelters and boarding islands are serviced twice weekly. ClearChannel responds to 311 complaints.  Damaged signs and rails are reported to maintenance. 

7. Committee Members’ Questions/Information Requests (Discussion) 

8. Schedule Upcoming Meetings and Agenda Items (Discussion/Action)

Next regular meeting:  January 11, 2010, at 4 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Conference Room 3075

9. Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Debra J. Reed
SFMTA CAC - Secretary

Accessible meeting policy – One South Van Ness Avenue

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