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City and County of San Francisco
Municipal Transportation Agency
Citizens’ Advisory Council

Thursday, March 1, 2012, at 5:30 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Room 3074
San Francisco, California



1.Call to Order:
Chairman Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. 

2. Roll Call:

SFMTA CAC members present at Roll Call:  Mark Ballew, Mary Burns, Steve Ferrario, Katie Haverkamp, Daniel Murphy, Marc Salomon, Susan Vaughan, Dorris Vincent, Dan Weaver, and Roland Wong

SFMTA CAC members absent at Roll Call:  None

SFMTA CAC members absent:  Art Cimento and Joan Downey

3. Announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting.

The CAC Secretary made the announcement.

4. Approval of Minutes: 

Chairman Murphy continued approval of the February 2, 2012 minutes to the next meeting.

Public Comment:


 5. Report of the Chair (For discussion only):

Chairman Murphy discussed an article regarding the CAC’s budget recommendations.   Chairman Murphy stated he sent a response to the reporter expressing his displeasure with the accuracy of the story.  He responded that the CAC’s recommendations had not been approved by the Council.  Chairman Murphy hopes for a response from the reporter.

Chairman Murphy appointed Marc Salomon to the FAC.

Public Comment:


6. Public Comment: 


7. Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding SFPark Community Outreach in the north Mission about parking meters. (Jay Primus, SFpark Manager, Finance & Information Technology)

(This item was continued from the February 2, 2012 meeting)

Jay Primus discussed outreach that was done for the 17th & Folsom parking management proposal.  The Recreation and Park Department (RPD) received a grant to create a park at 17th & Folsom and asked the SFMTA to develop a parking plan to address the loss of parking.  The area currently has a severe availability issue with parking, which will get worse.

Outreach was done door-to-door in the area during the summer.  By late November 2011, staff had met with community members recommended by City Planning and RPD.  In December, a revised proposal was sent to over 220 people.  Staff also posted formal public notices on every block in the area.  Staff responded to questions and issues raised in approximately 75 emails received.

Chairman Murphy stated that he would like the Council to be advised on future proposals.

Public Comment:

Alan Kessler stated that an organization was formed in the eastern neighborhood. They met with the Director of Transportation and staff to discuss parking issues.  Mr. Kessler expressed his disagreements with comments made by Mr. Primus.  Mr. Kessler stated that there is no plan to offset parking.

8. Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding the budget. (Sonali Bose, CFO/Director, Finance & Information Technology)

Sonali Bose discussed the FY13 and FY14 Operating Budget.  Ms. Bose stated that there was very little change on the revenue side and that general funds may come in higher.  Ms. Bose stated that the State will charge Muni a $5 court house.

Labor costs are higher than budgeted and that the Director of Transportation is proposing cuts to overtime, labor and management.  Ms. Bose also discussed possible additional revenue sources.

Chairman Murphy discussed revenue proposals for ballot measures which were discussed at recent Budget Balancing meetings.

Council member Ferrario inquired about eliminating free transit to MTA employees.  Ms. Bose replied that although no other city employees get free transit and 25% of Muni employees do not have this provision in their bargaining agreement, that it may create a morale issue.  Chairman Murphy stated he is concerned about employee parking.

Council member Vaughan stated she participated in a survey on a Saturday and Sunday morning on the availability of parking meters in the Union Street area.  Ms. Vaughan stated that surveying different areas of the City may provide additional revenue from Sunday and extended hour meter enforcement.  Council member Salomon inquired how staff would reconcile meter rates in various neighborhoods.

Ms. Bose stated that the Director of Transportation will hold five Town Hall meetings to discuss the SFMTA budget and to receive feedback from the public.

Public Comment:

Edward Mason asked if Muni will be reimbursed for the assignment of motorcycle units at each police station.  Mr. Mason stated that there should be an explanation as to why Muni is not receiving money from the MTC.

Alan Kessler inquired about multi-year funding from grants.

Paul Buckley inquired about additional revenue sources ideas.

9. Discussion and possible action regarding recommendations from the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC).

Chairman Murphy continued this item to the next meeting.

Motion 120202.05

WHEREAS Section 8A.109 of the Charter of City and County of San Francisco requires the SFMTA Board to seek new revenue sources, the SFMTA CAC recommends that the SFMTA Board of Directors consider the following for additional revenue in the FY 2013 and FY 2014 budget.

  • Increasing the meter bagging fee
  • Increase citations by $3.00 to offset the Courthouse Fee
  • Extend parking meter hours to nighttime hours
  • Extend parking meter hours to Sundays
  • Add 500 to 1,000 new metered spaces
  • Enforce the existing parking garage pricing ordinance
    • Extend the parking garage ordinance to all parking lots and garages citywide

Motion 120202.06

The SFMTA CAC recommends that, if the Board considers charging for transfers or increasing the single cash fare for non-Clipper users, that it opt for the latter option.  The SFMTA CAC urges the Board to examine the experience of AC Transit in implementing these options.

            Motion 120222.01

WHEREAS San Francisco is a Transit First City, as established in repeated votes of the people, the SFMTA CAC recommends that the SFMTA Board undertake all possible efforts, including directing the efforts of the agency’s legislative liaison, to preserve federal funding for transit in negotiations over the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012.

Public Comment:


10. Committee Members’ request for information. (For discussion only)

  • Marc Salomon stated that the bike lane on the south side of the 300 block of Division, between Bryant and Potrero, has puddles of water whenever it rains.  He would like to know if there will be street resurfacing or other projects that may be able to fix the drainage.
  • Marc Salomon stated that he has heard complaints that there is no proximate disabled parking access to the Ferry Building.  He was told by the Port that this was a SFMTA matter.  Mr. Salomon would like to know who has jurisdiction and what is the inventory and proximity of disabled parking to the Ferry Building is.

Public Comment:

Edward Mason stated that VTA provides ECO passes at cost to major employers. San Jose State University provides students with stickers to ride VTA.

11. Schedule upcoming calendar items.  (For discussion only)
Next regular meeting:  Thursday, April 5, 2012, at 5:30 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor, Conference Room 3074

Accessible meeting policy – One South Van Ness Avenue

ADJOURN:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Yvette Torres
SFMTA CAC – Secretary



Accessible meeting policy – One South Van Ness Avenue

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