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City and County of San Francisco
Municipal Transportation Agency
Citizens’ Advisory Council (SFMTA CAC)
Regular Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
1 South Van Ness Avenue, Conference Room 3074
San Francisco, California

1. Call to Order / Roll Call
Chairman Daniel Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m. 

SFMTA CAC members present at Roll Call:  Mary Burns, Art Cimento, Joan Downey, Griffith Humphrey, Daniel Murphy, Greg Riessen, Norman Rolfe and Daniel Weaver.

SFMTA CAC members absent:  Emily Drennen, Steve Ferrario, Cesar Perez, Dorris Vincent, Ruth Wheeler and Jamison Wieser.

2. Adopt minutes of March 5, 2009: 

On motion to adopt the minutes of March 5, 2009: Adopted.
Ayes – Burns, Cimento, Downey, Humphrey, Murphy, Riessen, Rolfe and Weaver
(Absent – Drennen, Ferrario, Perez, Vincent, Wheeler and Wieser)

3. Public Comment concerning any issue within the jurisdiction of the Council and not noted on the agenda: 

Carl Macmurdo, Medallion Holders Association, stated that the Taxi Commission‘s resolution requiring people to drive discriminates against disabled people.  A policy should be established that driving would become optional, once a person can substantiate 20 years of service.  Regarding the sale of medallions, Mr. Macmurdo stated that a pool of people with taxi licenses equally bidding for medallions would be a revenue source.  Selling transfer rights to existing medallion holders could be another revenue source. 

Jane Bolig, Desoto Cab, invited the CAC to the Taxi town hall meetings listed on the SFMTA website.  Ms. Bolig stated that the Board of Directors will be reviewing the taxi rules in May 2009.  Chairman Murphy stated that the CAC will plan a special meeting to review the taxi rules. 

Marc Christensen, Merced Extension Triangle Neighborhood Association (METNA), thanked the CAC for the 2007 report on the 54-Felton line.

Steve Heide, METNA, stated that 54-Felton patrons have fought 20 years for transit service.  It is upsetting to read newspaper reports that the SFMTA lost $500,000 on the Culture Bus and that the SFMTA wastes payments on work orders.    

Glenn Hatakeyama, METNA, stated that when sewers were being replaced along St. Charles, the SFMTA was not willing to rerouting the 36-Teresita.  Julie Kirschbaum stated that rerouting the bus would result in unreliable service and increased travel time.  Dan Murphy assigned the matter to the PMC. 

David Pilpel stated that item 7 of the April 2, 2009 agenda was out of compliance with the Sunshine Ordinance and the Brown Act because the description was insufficient.  He also stated that the Board of Directors’ agenda should include standard text stating whether or not the Board’s agenda items had been reviewed by the CAC.  He stated that service reductions should be continued to another meeting.  Chairman Murphy stated that item 7 will be continued.  Chairman Murphy also stated that the service reductions will be reviewed by the PMC.  Chairman Murphy will speak with the Board Secretary about Mr. Pilpel’s recommendation.

Michael Spain stated that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will review the transfer of medallions.  An on-going medallion auction could be an income stream for San Francisco.

4. Report of the Chairman: Daniel Murphy

Chairman Murphy stated that there will be a special CAC meeting on April 20, 2009, to discuss budget items.  The Board of Directors will hold a budget hearing on April 21, 2009, followed by a meeting on April 30th for discussion and action.  On April 7, 2009, the Board will hold a hearing regarding a fiscal emergency declaration.

5. Staff Report

The staff report was provided.

Public Comment

David Pilpel stated that the blockade incident in February 2009 at the Woods Facility resulted in a 30-day suspension for the employee.

6. Transit Effectiveness Project: Julie Kirschbaum

Julie Kirschbaum, Transit Effectiveness Project Program Manager, stated that the SFMTA anticipates attracting 70,000 new riders once the TEP is fully implemented, which would improve air quality and traffic congestion.  As transit-first modes grow, the operating budget would increase by 20%.  Front-line managers and street inspectors will be provided with tools and training to improve communication with operators, manage service disruptions and improve system reliability.  Capital investments would include way-finding, travel time improvements, bus-bulbs and transit dedicated lanes.  Money from the economic stimulus will be directed to vehicle overhaul programs. 

The FY10 $128.9 million deficit will pose challenges for the TEP.  Reductions in funding for materials, contracts and equipment will result in buses out of service for maintenance.  There will be a hiring freeze for front-line management, mechanics, inspectors and parking control officers.  Vehicle breakdowns and missed runs will increase due to reduced overtime.  Reducing travel time involves capital funding.  The SFMTA is continuing to apply for capital grants as well as using Proposition K resources. 

Maps and information about service reductions are posted at 

Bruce Oka stated that while budget cuts are not palatable, he will not support cuts to maintenance. 

Joan Downey suggested taxi fare discounts for fast pass holders to make up for eliminated owl services. 

Public Comment

Diane Ehrlich, Lake Merced Hill Condominium Board, stated that losing the 18-46th Avenue line would leave the neighborhood without transit.  She suggested that the SFMTA make service arrangements with Samtrans and that senior and disabled residents be compensated with taxi-scrip rides to BART and Stonestown.  Mark Christensen stated that bus lines could be rerouted to replace lost service.  Ms. Kirschbaum stated that she will follow up on suggestions. 

Marc Christensen, Merced Extension Triangle Neighborhood Association (METNA), stated that a stop should be placed at Arch and Alemany for the 28-19th Avenue Limited line. 

David Pilpel asked if the TEP recommendations overlapped with budget cuts.  Ms. Kirschbaum stated they were different.  Mr. Pilpel stated that the final October 2008 TEP report for reduced service summarized route changes, but it did not show other operational recommendations.  Mr. Pilpel stated that a report of stop changes with reduced travel time data should be provided to the CAC.

Jane Bolig, DeSoto Cab, stated that the debit card offered potential for taxis to supplement Muni service. 

Konstantin Koslove stated that during rush hours, drivers should allow backdoor boarding to reduce dwell time.  NextBus is a great feature. 

7. Recommendations from a CAC Committee
Finance and Administration Committee (FAC)

This item was continued.

8. Committee Reports: 

Dan Weaver announced that the EMSC is trading meeting dates with the FAC.

9. Committee Members’ Questions/Information Requests:

• Joan Downey asked about implementation date for Translink.

• Ms. Downey stated that the damaged bollards on Cole Street should be replaced.

• Ms. Downey stated that community members met with Police Sergeant Nilan regarding the vagrancy problem in the Richard Gamble Memorial Park.  The police are regularly patrolling the park.  Neighbors commend the SFMTA gardeners.

• Norman Rolfe asked about the time allotment for public comment.  Chairman Murphy stated that the Sunshine Ordinance requires equal time for everyone.

• Mary Burns asked about the status of the taxi advisory body.  Chairman Murphy stated the SFMTA CAC is the acting advisory body; however, the CAC adopted a recommendation for the formation of a taxi advisory body.

10. Agenda Planning for the Next Regular Meeting Tentatively Scheduled:

A special CAC meeting has been scheduled for April 20, 2009, at 5:30 p.m. to review the SFMTA FY10 budget.

11. Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Debra J. Reed
SFMTA CAC - Secretary

Accessible meeting policy – One South Van Ness Avenue

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