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Muni Accessibility Advisory Committee

December 15, 2011 Minutes

Call to order:

A monthly meeting of the SFMTA Muni Accessibility Advisory Committee was held at the SFMTA Headquarters in San Francisco. The meeting was convened at 1:05 p.m., Vice Chair Kevin Lee presiding and Roland Wong, Secretary.


Members in attendance: Jan Copriviza, Ed Evans, Randall Glock, Marc Grossman, Jean Kempf, Miro Kielbus, Jeanne Lynch, Bruce Morgan, Roland Wong, Byron Yan, Kevin Lee

Members not in attendance: Les Clark*, Elizabeth Dawson*, Jessica Ellis*, Melvin Galloway, David Longa*, Roger Rose*, Vernon Smith*, Joseph Flanagan


Guests in attendance: Bob Planthold, Ethel Silverstein

SFMTA Staff in attendance: Matt West, Virginia Rathke, Annette Williams, Lulu Feliciano, Bruce Oka, Gail Stein, Matt Lee, Antonio Piccagli, Dustin White, Jane Wang, Joyce Oishi, Chris Pangilinan

Approval of agenda and minutes:

• Motion was made by Mr. Glock and seconded by Mr. Kielbus to approve the agenda of Dec. 15 meeting.

• Motion was made by Mr. Kielbus and seconded by Mr. Glock to approve the minutes of Nov. 17 meeting.

Public comment:

Ms. Silverstein shared a proclamation about her father for his work in the community and activism for reserved seating on buses for seniors and the disabled community. On February 26, 2001, former Mayor Willie Brown declared William Silverstein Day in San Francisco. MAAC appreciated and thanked Ms. Silverstein for her father's dedicated services to San Francisco.


Central Subway Elevator Location Alternatives

Jane Wang, Design Oversight Manager | (415) 701-4287

Ms. Wang presented an alternative elevator location at the Powell Street Station as part of the Central Subway Project. The original design was to place the elevator by the existing elevator located at Ellis and Market streets. The new proposal of the additional elevator would be placed at the concourse level to the Muni platform.

Motion: Moved by Mr. Glock that the SFMTA MAAC support the proposed design alternative to place an elevator serving the concourse to Muni platform level inside Powell street station, and the SFMTA MAAC write a letter expressing their support for this design alternative to Ms. Wang encouraging her to pursue this option.

Motion Carried.

Ms. Copriviza, Mr. Evans, Mr. Glock, Mr. Grossman, Ms. Kempf, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wong, Mr. Yan and Mr. Lee in support

Mr. Kielbus and Ms. Lynch abstained.

JFK Drive Bike Lane Project

Dustin White, SFMTA Sustainable Streets | (415) 701-4603

Mr. White presented a project for a cycletrack along JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. The bike lane will be closest to the curb with a buffer zone to separate the bike lane and park cars. There is concern of access for passengers with vehicles with accessible wheelchair lifts or ramps that when it is deployed, it may interfere with the bike pathway. The project is moving forward beginning early 2012.

The SFMTA MAACs main concerns are as follows:

There are rumors that SF Rec and Park may pursue metered parking or residential permits along JFK Drive at some point in the future. The SFMTA MAAC has concerns with both of these ideas, and would want to weigh in on any plans before any metered parking or residential permits were placed in this location.

While the SFMTA MAAC supports the concept of the JFK Project as described, the current configuration of JFK Drive functions well; pedestrian, bikes and cars all share the space and the SFMTA MAAC is not entirely convinced that this project is necessary or warranted.

The SFMTA MAAC is concerned that we were not consulted on this project earlier. Should a similar concept be tried elsewhere in the city, the SFMTA MAAC would have some concerns and requests to be involved in the early stages of any plans for future bike lanes which use a parking buffer.

Transbay Transit Center Overview

Joyce Oishi, Program Coordination Team

Transbay Program Manager | (415) 343-2452

Ms. Oishi presented an overview of the proposed design Transbay Transit Center.

The SFMTA MAACs main concerns are as follows:

The Transbay Terminal is a very large building; adequate, accessible signage and announcements systems need to be provided throughout the facility. Once the facility opens, provisions also need to be made for travel training or orientation services for visually impaired users of the building.

Adequate amenities for use by the general public need to be provided. This should include public access to bathrooms on every level, and plenty of seating on all levels, especially on the bus deck and in the park.

The SFMTA MAAC appreciates being consulted on this project so early in the planning process. We would like to continue to work with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority as this project moves forward.

Mr. Longa joined the meeting.

Transit Shelter Removal Policy

Mr. West presented a proposed Transit Shelter Removal Policy for the SFMTA, which would only allow for the removal of SFMTA transit shelters if the shelter in question posed a security issue that could not be addressed through enforcement, or presented an ADA or access violation that could not be addressed through any other means.

Motion: Moved by Mr. Wong that the SFMTA MAAC support the proposed Transit Shelter Removal Policy and draft a letter in support of this policy to Ms. Stein.

Motion Carried.

Ms. Copriviza, Mr. Glock, Mr. Grossman, Ms. Kempf, Mr. Kielbus, Mr. Longa, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wong, Mr. Yan and Mr. Lee in support.

Ms. Lynch opposed.

Mr. Evans abstained.


Mr. Planthold announced that there is a proposal of having bicycle lanes in the SF/Oakland Bay Bridge.

Ms. Williams announced that the monthly Muni P Pilot Pass will end in January 2012 and encouraged people to use Clipper.

Mr. Glock indicated that the senior and disabled (Green & Red) BART tickets are sold in limited locations.

Mr. Glock invited BART Board to BART Accessible Task Force (BATF) Meet & Greet Holiday Party.

Mr. Longa made a comment that SamTrans is discontinuing its paper passes at the end of 2011 and passengers to add fare onto Clipper cards.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

The next MAAC meeting is on January 19, 2012 1 – 3 p.m.

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