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January 19, 2012 Minutes

Call to order:

A monthly meeting of the SFMTA Muni Accessibility Advisory Committee was held at the SFMTA Headquarters in San Francisco. The meeting was convened at 1:07 p.m., Chairperson Elizabeth Dawson presiding and Roland Wong, Secretary.


Members in attendance: Elizabeth Dawson, Kevin Lee, Jean Kempf, Miro Kielbus, Bruce Morgan, Roland Wong, Byron Yan, Jeanne Lynch (via phone), Randall Glock, David Longa, Marc Grossman (via phone), Joseph Flanagan

Members not in attendance: Les Clark*, Ed Evans*, Melvin Galloway, Vernon Smith*, Jan Corpriviza*


Guests in attendance: No guests from the public.

SFMTA Staff in attendance: Matt West, Virginia Rathke, Annette Williams, Lulu Feliciano, Britt Tanner, Chris Pangilinan, Frank Markowitz

Approval of agenda and minutes:

• Motion was made by Mr. Glock and seconded by Mr. Longa to approve the agenda of Jan. 19 meeting.

• Motion was made by Mr. Glock and seconded by Mr. Longa to approve the minutes of Dec. 15 meeting.

Public comment: No public comments.


Transit Effectiveness Project

Update and Formation of Working Group

Britt Tanner, Engineer, Sustainable Streets Division | (415) 701-4685

Chris Pangilinan, Transportation Engineer | (415) 701-4578

Ms. Tanner and Mr. Pangilinan presented the Transit Effectiveness Project and the project is moving forward.

Mr. Pangilinan presented on both the Transit Preferential Streets Toolkit, and the Travel Time Reduction Proposals (TTRP).

The Transit Preferential Streets Toolkit features the following tools/treatments:

• Transit stop changes - Spacing, location, length

• Lane modifications - transit only lanes, turn pockets

• Parking and turn restrictions

• Traffic signal and stops sign changes

• Pedestrian improvements - bulbouts, refuge islands

Assortments of these tools are used for the TTRP Proposals, which aim to do the following:

• Create a Rapid Network of main lines

• Combined with ongoing SFMTA system wide improvements, expected to reduce transit travel times 10-30%

• Each proposal uses a toolkit of treatments

• Detailed TTRP proposals have been developed for the following routes: 5 Fulton, 8X Bayshore, 28 19th Avenue, 30 Stockton, J Church and N Judah

A Travel Time Reduction Proposal (TTRP) Working Group was formed of the following MAAC members:

Roland Wong

Jean Kempf

Miro Kielbus

Randall Glock

Elizabeth Dawson

Kevin Lee

Vernon Smith

Transit Shelter Removal Policy

Lulu Feliciano, SFMTA Communications Manager | (415) 701-4453

Ms. Feliciano was pleased to announce that at the SFMTA Board meeting on Tuesday, 1/17/12, the Board passed the Transit Shelter Removal Policy, which was presented to the SFMTA MAAC at the December Meeting.

Balboa Park Station Area Plan

Frank Markowitz, Senior Transportation Planner | (415) 701-4442

Mr. Markowitz presented an update on the capacity study at the Balboa Park Station. The update features improvements to the J and K boarding Islands and passenger amenities at the station.

The SFMTA MAAC's main concerns are as follows:

Mr. Wong has noticed that there is no elevator at the South side of Balboa Park Station. It is dangerous to cross the street because to the 280 Freeway on/off ramps; are there any plans to put an elevator on this side of the station? The SFMTA MAAC would likely support any plans to locate an elevator on the South side of the station.

Mr. Glock asked if there were plans to put a boarding platform on San Jose in lieu of the hydraulic lifts currently used by the M Line. This would help address reliability issues associated with the hydraulic lift.

Mr. Glock also noted that NextMuni signage is not provided at any of the shelters surrounding the station. This signage is needed – Why do we not have it? Are there any plans to provide NextMuni information at these locations?

Committee Reports

MAAC Communications Subcommittee

Mr. Lee updated the committee that the Communications Subcommittee had met. Helen Kwan, SFMTA staff presented the re-route of Muni bus lines (30-Stockton and 45-Union/Stockton) Mr. Lee also described the line changes. The reroute is effective on 1/21/12 for the duration of the construction of the Central Subway.

Mr. Lee, Mr. Longa, along with SFMTA staff and other organizations around the city will be ambassadors to assist passengers in the transition of the rerouting of these two bus lines.

MAAC Bylaws Subcommittee

Mr. Longa read the amended sections of the SFMTA-MAAC Bylaws.

Moved by Mr. Kielbus and seconded to change the email address for the SFMTA MAAC from to .

Motion carried.

Moved by Mr. Wong and seconded that the phase “and have an interest in service to seniors and people with disabilities.” be added to the last sentence in Article III, Section 2 item A.

Motion carried.

Moved by Ms. Dawson and seconded that we change the number of non-excused absences from 4 to 5 in Article III, section 4, item B.

Ms. Dawson, Mr. Flanagan, Ms. Ellis in favor

Ms. Kempf, Mr. Lee, Mr. Wong, Mr. Kielbus, Mr. Yan, Mr. Longa, Mr. Morgan opposed

Mr. Grossman and Ms. Lynch abstained.

Motion failed.

Moved by Mr. Wong and seconded to add the phrase “The liaison may also be called upon to represent the SFMTA MAAC at other outside committee meetings when called upon.” As part of the duties of the Liaison, as outlined in Article IV, Section 2, Item D.

Motion carried.

Moved by Mr. Longa and seconded to add the phrase “After an absence of 1 year, members may run for office again.” to Article IV, Section 3, Item B.

Motion carried.

Mr. West noted that there is a mistake in the bylaws for Article IV, Section 3, Item C. The phrase “exceptions will be made for unforeseen circumstances.” should be added to the last sentence.

Moved by Mr. Wong and seconded that Article IV, Section 4 be re-written so as to include language about member elections.

Motion carried.

The reading of the Bylaws stopped at Article V, Section 7.

Formation of MAAC Nominating Subcommittee

In accordance with the existing Bylaws, a Nominating Committee was formed to contact existing members who wish to run for re-election, and identify members who may wish to run for office.

The committee members are as follows:

Elizabeth Dawson

Joseph Flanagan

Jean Kempf

Installation of Bulbout Request

Mr. Evans is requesting that a bulb out be installed at Turk and Jones Streets in an effort to widen the sidewalk so that a transit shelter can be placed upon it.

This item is tabled until the next meeting.


Ms. Williams talked about having few SFMTA MAAC members share their experiences and feedback on using Paratransit services. Marilyn Goldman is conducting research of how to make public transit more accessible in fixed route transit.

Ms. Williams announced that the monthly Muni P Pilot Pass will end January 31, 2012. MAAC members are requested to provide Mr. West their current RTC/Clipper ID number. Starting February 1, 2012, it is encouraged for people to use Clipper.


Mr. Lee moved and Mr. Wong seconded to adjourn the meeting

Motion carried.

The next MAAC is on February 16, 2012 1 - 3 p.m.

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