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Minutes of July 15, 2010

Members Present:

Les Clark (Vice-Chair), Jan Copriviza, Elizabeth Dawson (Chair), Randall Glock, Marc Grossman, Jean Kempf, Miro Kielbus, Jeanne Lynch (Secretary), Bruce Morgan, Felton Peterson (JLMB), Roger Rose, Vernon Smith, F. Ross Woodall, Roland Wong (phone), Byron Yan (ILRC)

Members Absent:

Edward Evans, Paul Fichera, Melvin Galloway, David Longa

Accessible Services Staff Present

Jamie Osborne, Virginia Rathke, Annette Williams


Joseph Flanagan, Michael Flandi, Griff Humphrey (SFMTA CAC), Kevin Lee, Bruce Oka (SFMTA Board), Teddy Ted

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Due to a miscommunication between SFMTA staff and our ASL contractor, an ASL interpreter was not provided at this meeting, which made the MAAC meeting inaccessible to Mr. Kielbus.  The MAAC membership apologies for this accidental oversight; and has scheduled ASL interpreters for future meetings.


Introductions were made in lieu of a roll call.

Reading and approval of agenda

The agenda was approved.

Approval of the June Minutes

Previous meeting minutes were accepted with modifications.

Senior / Disabled Pilot Pass Update

Jamie Osborne reviewed the progress of the “P” Pass pilot project with the committee. He presented data that has been collected about P-Pass usage since the program began in February. This is a program that both SFMTA and MAAC have fought long and hard to make available to senior and disabled transit users.

He reminded members and guests that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors and the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) Board of Directors have approved a three phase pilot program to allow senior and disabled customers unlimited access to BART in San Francisco and on all Muni transit services with the purchase of a Muni Senior/Disabled Pilot Pass.  He presented the following timeline for the pilot project:

  • Since 1980’s Adult FastPass valid on both Muni and BART
  • 2007 to Spring 2009 - Program Development
  • Fall 2009 – Internal and External Program Outreach
  • November 2009 – Phase 1 Applications
  • January 2010 – Differential BART Pricing
  • February 2010 – Phase 1 pilot project begins
  • June 2010 – Phase 2 Applications
  • July 2010 – Phase 2 Voucher booklets sent
  • August 2010 - Phase 2 begins

He noted that in January 2010, SFTMA both increased Adult “A” FastPass from $55 to $70 and created a $60 “M” Muni-Only FastPass. Since the introduction of the $10 differential there has been a significant decline in BART FastPass usage. SFMTA estimates that the decline may be due to a number of factors. First, there is a reduced ridership demand due to a continued weak economy. Second, customers may be purchasing regular BART tickets instead of Adult FastPass and third, customers are choosing to switch from BART to Muni (Mission corridor).

Mr. Osborne reported that there were less than 2000 applications for the first pilot phase. 500 P-Passes are being sold each month from two designated vendor locations using the vouchers distributed as part of the pilot.  Of these 500 passes in circulation, there are approximately 300 instances of the passes being used per day.

The current cost of the P-Pass is $25. The SFMTA disabled monthly pass that does not allow access to BART within the SF city limits is $20. BART has a discount fare program where disabled customers are eligible for a 67% discount. The discount rate for BART within the SF city limits is 67% of $1.75 ($1.17). Thus the $5 difference between the SFMTA disabled monthly pass and the P Pass equates to approximately 4 rides on BART.

While the goal of the pilot pass project is to transition the pass to the Clipper regional smartcard, Cubic Transportation Systems, the smartcard project subcontractor has estimated that it will cost $280,000 to include the pilot pass into the Clipper system. Currently SFMTA has an agreement with BART whereby they are charged $1.05 per ride using the A-Pass and $0.66 per ride using the P-Pass.

The next steps for the project include:

  1. Evaluate priority and develop recommendations
  2. Update timeline for P-Pass to Clipper transition given existing agency budget shortfall
  3. Presentation to MTAB and BART Board of Directors

For additional details about the project, please visit

MAAC members expressed their concerns that the P-Pass feature would be dropped from the program given the agencies budget problems. They did not feel that enough data existed to make a strong case for not including the pass in the Clipper system. If SFMTA offers an “A” premium pass with access to BART, they need to continue to make the P-Pass available.

MAAC Sub-Committee Development

Elizabeth Dawson led a discussion of potential sub-groups with the committee. She was concerned that certain areas of providing accessible transit services were in need of more attention than the 2 hours at MAAC could allow. She solicited the following ideas and committee members for the following subcommittees:

  • Community Awareness – Disability / courtesy outreach to public
    • Vernon Smith
    • Felton Peterson
  • SFMTA operator and staff training
    • Elizabeth Dawson
    • Ross Woodall
    • Jeanne Lynch
    • Roger Rose
    • Jean Kempf
  • Vehicle / facility maintenance monitoring
  • MAAC member service feedback program - Members must help monitor service and make commendations and complaints each month
  • Bay Area disability network outreach

SFMTA Access Recognition Award – Jamie Osborne

SFMTA Accessible Services Program Manager, Annette Williams, presented Jamie Osborne with an Access Recognition Award for his work as Fixed-Route Accessibility Coordinator since 2005. Jamie will be leaving SFMTA to attend a graduate program for city design, international development and transportation planning starting in September. Jamie thanked the committee for sharing their valuable stories and experiences about navigating public space and transit with him. Their wisdom will completely inform his coursework and program. He was lucky to have input from such active community members in MAAC and great co-workers at SFMTA. (Luckily MAAC is in good hands with his replacement, Matthew West – Give him a call to say hello 415.701.4439)


At 2:00 p.m. the meeting was adjourned early. The next scheduled meeting will be September 16 at 1:00 p.m.

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