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Civic Center Conference Room, # 3074

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AGENDA: November 18, 2010 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:00pm

2. Introductions

Introductions were made verbally at the request of the chair.

3. Reading and Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

4. Approval of October Minutes

The October Minutes were approved.

5. Comments from the Chair

The chair welcomed everyone to today’s meeting, and wanted to make a note that she wished to thank the drivers for all of their hard work.

Mr. Glock moved, and Mr. Wong seconded that we nominate Kevin Lee and Joseph Flanagan to stand fro election to the two vacancies on the MAAC.

By unanimous voice the motion carried.


6. Transbay Terminal Phase II Update

Lulu Feliciano, Transit Outreach Manager | (415) 701-4453

Ms. Feliciano provided a brief overview of changes occurring during phase II construction of the Temporary Transbay Terminal.

MAAC members brought up concerns regarding improvements to seating; the need to better differentiate between Clipper and AC Transit Ticket Machines located at the terminal, and clarification of travel training procedures for phase II.

ACTION: Ms. Feliciano will follow up on the above items; answers will be provided at the December 16 MAAC meeting.

7. Service Restoration Task Force

Stop Consolidation                                  
Dustin White, Acting Manager of Service Planning | (415) 701-4603

Mr. White provided an overview of a proposed plan to consolidate select stops, as one of many proposed solutions for addressing the need to restore the remainder of the May 2010 service cuts.  This plan is currently under consideration by members of the Service Restoration Task Force.

MAAC members strongly expressed their desire to be directly involved in any stop consolidation process.

Members also raised concerns regarding many aspects of the plan, including, but not limited to, the need for more transparency in this process; the true effect that stop consolidation will have on members of the senior and disabled community; how to provide and fund travel training for blind and low vision patrons; the logic behind suggested stop spacing; whether the projected cost savings are truly worth it; and the likelihood that the assumptions made in the initial analysis will play out once in operation.

Members of the public in attendance also raised concerns, often seconding the above remarks and adding that they do not necessarily want a system like those in other localities.

It was also brought up by both MAAC members and the public as to whether the same efficiencies could be found if the SFMTA were to increase the frequency of limited service on these lines, and decrease the frequency local service.

ACTION: A Service Task Force Subcommittee will be formed to work with SFMTA staff to better inform the stop consolidation process.

8. Member’s Questions and Comments

Clipper Faregates:

At West Portal, the new accessible faregate was out of service within the first month of operation.  As it is the only accessible faregate at the station, the MAAC member had to use the emergency gate.  In the future we should advise all new faregate installations to provide for two or more accessible faregates.

Lifts not Functioning:

Malfunctioning, or broken lifts continue to be a problem, and are increasing in frequency.  We need to look into this.  There are several instances where lifts reported as “broken” are, upon inspection, working.

Announcements on Streetcars:

Once again, the operators are not announcing surface stops on the streetcar lines.  This needs to improve.

Questions for follow up:

Can we find out more information as to where the money came from for the 6% service restoration made in September, and what the plan is for funding these restorations in the future?

ACTION: MAAC Staff will try to answer this question

Is there a way to determine what percentage of SFMTA staff at 1 South Van Ness drive to work, and what percentage use transit?

ACTION: MAAC Staff will try to answer this question

9. Public Comment: The public may comment on any SFMTA issue that is not on today’s agenda.
(Public comments limited to two minutes each)

Comments on Clipper:

Donna Williams, from Planning for Elders provided feedback on the Clipper program.  She raised the following concerns:

        Language Access

        Limited information on retail locations, and where to load your card

        What to do if your RTC Card is defective

        How to handle cases where a patron pays their fare, but it is not registering on a TFI’s handset.

Information was provided to Ms. Williams on items 1 – 4.

10. SFMTA Access Recognition Award

The SFMTA Access Recognition Award was presented to Vetrina Davis.

Jeanne Lynch nominated a driver for next month’s award.

ACTION: MAAC staff will follow up on this nomination.

11. Items for Next Agenda

  1. Membership nominations and elections
  2. Subcommittee reports

12. Announcements

    • Next Meeting December 16th
    • The Mayor’s Disability Council will meet on Friday, November 19, in room 400 of City Hall from 1-4pm.  All are encouraged to attend.

13. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm

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