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Minutes of October 21, 2010

Members Present:

Les Clark (Vice-Chair), Elizabeth Dawson (Chair), Ed Evans, Felton Peterson, Marc Grossman (phone), Jean Kempf, Miro Kielbus, David Longa, Jeanne Lynch (Secretary), Bruce Morgan, Roger Rose, F. Ross Woodall, Roland Wong, Byron Yan

Members Absent:

Melvin Galloway, Randall Glock

Members Absent, Excused

Jan Copriviza, Paul Fichera, Vernon Smith

Accessible Services Staff Present

Matthew West, Virginia Rathke, Annette Williams


Kevin Lee, Ana Aureoles, Vivian Wilder


Kim Walton, Frank Markowitz, Ramesh Daryani

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m.


Introductions were made in lieu of a roll call.

Reading and approval of agenda

The agenda was approved.

Approval of the September Minutes

The minutes were accepted with modifications.

Customer Service Report for Qtr. 1, FY2011

Mr. Matthew West reviewed the Customer Service Report for Qtr. 1.

Many MAAC members noted that there has been an increase in the number of pass ups due to the wheelchair lifts not working.

(ACTION) Mr. Longa will look into why the wheelchair lifts are so often out of order.

Mr. Woodall brought up the need to report all pass ups to 311.

This brought up a discussion of 311.  Many MAAC members expressed their frustration with 311; bringing up concerns over what impact outdated technology has on the accessibility of 311, and the current handling of customer complaints.  Lack of communication to the complainant was highlighted.

Balboa Park Station Area

Mr. Woodall requested that future presentations include presentation materials available in accessible formats.

(ACTION) All future MAAC meetings will require that presentation materials be available in accessible formats prior to and during the meeting.

Presentation on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connection Project

Kim Walton
Transportation Planner
(415) 401-4566

Ms. Kim Walton provided an overview of the Balboa Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Connection Project.

Mr. Woodall commented that any new crosswalks need to be audible pedestrian signals (APS).

Mr. Evans inquired as to whether the crosswalks, in addition to being equipped with APD, could also be equipped with technology that displays the “walk” signal until all pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

Ms. Walton responded to both questions, indicating that APS would be installed at all new crosswalks, and that SFMTA could look into the technology that Mr. Evans mentioned.

Mr. Longa expressed concerns about the ramp at the entrance to the Green Division Yard, and emphasized the need to look at ramp placement for the M Ocean View Line.

Mr. Woodall brought up concerns regarding wayfinding.  He inquired as to what outreach was done, and if MAAC had been consulted.

Ms. Walton responded that outreach had been done, and that the Mayor’s Office of Disability had conducted an on site review of the project area.  However, MAAC had not, to her knowledge, been consulted regarding wayfinding proposals for the project area.

Mr. Woodall and Ms. Dawson volunteered to take a tour of the project area and provide comment on various wayfinding proposals.

(Action) Ms. Walton will follow up with Mr. Woodall and Ms. Dawson, to arrange a tour of the project area.

Station Capacity Study

Frank Markowitz
Senior Transportation Planner
(415) 701-4442

Mr. Frank Markowitz provided an overview of the Balboa Park Station Capacity Study.

Mr. Lee wanted to express his support of the option calling for the relocation of the bus stop at Geneva and I-280, to improve pedestrian visibility.

Mr. Longa would rather see the north side of Geneva Ave. be kept angled so that cars can easily pass around busses – if this was straightened out as called for in the study, cars will not be able to easily pass around busses parked in the bus zone, and this could lead to a major traffic jam.

RTC Card & Monthly Sticker Transition

Matthew West
Accessible Services
(415) 701-4439

Ramesh Daryani
Consultant, SFMTA
(415) 701-4366

Mr. West provided an overview of the RTC Discount Monthly Sticker Transition, and the contingency plans in place, should Muni customers need to purchase a Discount Monthly Sticker for the month of November.

Member’s Questions and Comments

Ms. Dawson brought up the earlier discussion of 311, and requested that a subcommittee be set up to research ways to rectify the concerns expressed by the MAAC body.

(ACTION) Mr. Woodall, Mr. Longa, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Wong all agreed to serve on the 311 subcommittee.

Public Comment

Ms. Vivian Wilder expressed concerns with seat height in the new shelters being installed throughout the Muni system.

Nominations for Access Recognition Award

Transit Operator Vertrina Davis was nominated for her actions aboard the 8x.

(Action) The nomination was accepted


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm

The next scheduled meeting will be November 18, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.

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