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Minutes of September 16, 2010

Members Present:

Les Clark (Vice-Chair), Elizabeth Dawson (Chair), Melvin Galloway, Felton Peterson (JLMB), Randall Glock, Marc Grossman, Jean Kempf, Miro Kielbus, Jeanne Lynch (Secretary), Bruce Morgan, Roger Rose, Vernon Smith (phone) , Roland Wong, Byron Yan (ILRC),

Members Absent:

Jan Copriviza, Edward Evans, Paul Fichera, F. Ross Woodall , David Longa

Accessible Services Staff Present

Matthew West, Virginia Rathke, Annette Williams


Dustin White, Javad Mirabdal, Kevin Lee, Nellie Yeo

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Today’s meeting will be adjourned early so that those who wish may attend a presentation on the new fare gates and ticket vending machines.


Introductions were made in lieu of a roll call.

Reading and approval of agenda

The agenda was approved with modifications

Approval of the July Minutes

The minutes were accepted with modifications.

September 4th Service Restoration

Dustin White
Acting Manager of Service Planning
(415) 701-4603

Mr. Dustin White provided an overview of the September 4th service restorations

Ms. Lynch brought up concerns regarding the 2 Clement and requested further information on any proposed changes to the line.  Mr. White responded that there will be a community meeting in October to discuss proposals for the 2 Clement; the final date for this meeting is still being worked out in conjunction with Supervisor Mar’s office.

Mr. Wong asked if there was a way to modify the schedule for the 48 Quintara at West Portal Station.  The current schedule does not account for the bell times at the school located near by.

Mr. Peterson asked who to contact regarding current practices, by merchants in Chinatown, which cause the obstruction of the bus zones.  Mr. White responded that this would be the Parking Control Officers or the Police Department; however he could forward a list of locations to these departments if he was provided with them.

Mr. Peterson agreed to provide these locations to Mr. White.

Mr. Glock stated that he will email Mr. White a proposal to extend the 9 San Bruno Limited.

SFMTA Access Recognition Award

Frank Alejandro
Senior Operations Manager, SFMTA

The SFMTA Access Recognition Award was presented by Ms. Dawson to Frank Alejandro for his outstanding service to the Senior and Disabled community.

Masonic Ave. Traffic Calming

Javad Mirabdal
SFMTA Planning
(415) 701-4421

Mr. Mirabdal provided an overview of proposed traffic calming measures for Masonic Ave.

Concerns were raised regarding possible pedestrian and bicycle conflicts that might result from some of the proposed changes.

Member’s Questions and Comments

Ms. Dawson requested that MAAC members provide feedback regarding the early adjournment of the meeting so as to go to the presentation at Civic Center Station.

Mr. Grossman commented that he has received complaints from the community regarding defective RTC Cards.  Ms. Williams of SFMTA stated that there is a process for reporting defective RTC Cards and provided a brief overview of this system.  Mr. Glock added that it needs to be emphasized to hold the Clipper card to the readers, and that further education in their use is needed.


At 2:00 p.m. the meeting was adjourned early so as to attend a presentation on the new fare gates and ticket vending machines being installed throughout the Muni Metro System.

The next scheduled meeting will be October 21, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.

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