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DECEMBER 1, 2004 -­­- 2:00 p.m.
401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 334
San Francisco, CA

1. Call to Order

Mr. Nothenberg determined that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.


  • Mr. Rudy Nothenberg, President
  • Mr. James Ludwig, Vice President (arrived at 2:18 p.m.)
  • Mr. Joseph Ozan, Vice President
  • Mr. Tom Escher, Treasurer
  • Ms. Nancy Lenvin, Secretary
  • Mr. Michael Moylan, Director

Absent: Ms. Lily J. Cuneo, Director

Also Present:

  • Mr. Stuart Sunshine, Deputy Executive Director, Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA)
  • Ms. Ann Carey, Financial Manager, MTA
  • Mr. G. Scott Emblidge, Partner, Moscone, Emblidge & Quadra
  • Mr. Rick Laubscher, Chair, Market Street Railway
  • Ms. Kerstin Magary, Capital Project Manager, MTA
  • Ms. Anne Richman, Executive Assistant to MTA Executive Director
  • Mr. Ralph Ruminoff, Representative, U.S. Bank
  • Mr. Douglas Wright, Principal, Douglas Wright Consulting
  • Mr. Norman Rolfe, Member, MTA Citizens Advisory Committee

Mr. Nothenberg introduced Mr. Stuart Sunshine, recently appointed Deputy Executive Director of MTA, and welcomed him to the meeting.

2. Public Comment

No public comment was received.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of December 17, 2003, Board meeting were approved as submitted.

4. Election of Officers

Mr. Nothenberg opened the floor for the nomination of new officers.

It was moved by Mr. Ozan, seconded by Mr. Escher, that officers continue as presently constituted. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Ludwig joined the meeting.

5. Review of SFMRIC Funding Commitments

Mr. Nothenberg stated that this item grew out a discussion at the last Board meeting at which time the Board had asked for information on SFMRIC’s outstanding commitments to Muni. The Board had wanted to know which projects had been completed or abandoned, and if remaining funds could be returned to SFMRIC’s uncommitted fund balance. Muni staff provided a list of completed projects (Projects 19, 39, 43, 48) and the balances remaining in those projects, which totaled $124,191. These funds would be available for reprogramming. In addition, staff requested that funds committed to Project 51, $150,000, for Central Control facility replacement study, be reprogrammed for purchase of enhanced communications equipment for the Central Control facility.

Mr. Nothenberg recommended that the Board rescind those project account balances, including Project 51, back into the SFMRIC’s uncommitted fund balances and then consider how they should be spent.

Ms. Carey commented that staff had provided a request to the Board, through Mr. Emblidge, regarding the reprogramming of funds for Project 51.

It was moved by Ms. Lenvin, seconded by Mr. Moylan, to rescind fund balances for Projects 19, 39, 43, 48 and 51, a total of $274,191. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Nothenberg asked Mr. Emblidge whether the Board could consider reprogramming project funds since no agenda item had been noticed. Mr. Emblidge stated that the Board could consider this because it is part of the overall commitment discussion listed in the agenda.

After discussion, Mr. Nothenberg asked that reprogramming of funds for Project 51 be calendared for the next Board meeting and that Muni provide an update on the agency’s request to reprogram the Central Control project funds for the purchase of equipment.

Mr. Nothenberg requested that in future funding requests, staff provide more detail on projects for which funds are being sought, including what matching funds will be used, the project time lines and any other information available to assist Board members in reaching funding decisions.

6. Presentation and Discussion of Municipal Railway Funding Requests

Mr. Sunshine gave the Board a presentation on three funding requests from the MTA: building a canopy for historic streetcars at the Geneva facility; the purchase of additional streetcars for the F Line; and rehabilitation of PCC streetcars.

Geneva Canopy - $775,000

Muni requested $775,000 to construct a canopy in the Geneva Yard to protect historic streetcars from inclement weather, moisture, and long-term exposure to sunshine.

Mr. Laubscher, Chair of Market Street Railway, provided the Board with a summary of factors that were considered when determining where to store the historic cars. Mr. Laubscher stated that staff, along with his organization, had looked at several possibilities. They researched relocating the cars to a pier but determined that the risk to the cars was too great and that the McAteer-Petris Act limited what can be located on a pier. In response to a query, Mr. Laubscher stated that storage at Metro East would require the same amount of travel time as storage at Geneva because the cars would have to pull out at Castro and Market. When the E line is in service, Metro East could potentially be more viable.

Ms. Lenvin expressed concern that Muni is building something that cannot accommodate all of its fleet. Mr. Sunshine explained that the site cannot be expanded because of other tracks in use at the facility but that after possible reconfiguration some additional storage track might be possible. He did not know whether there would be enough covered storage for the entire historic fleet.

Mr. Laubscher replied that building a larger facility would double the cost of this project. The Geneva Car house has been turned over to Recreation and Park; it is a seismically unstable building and would not be prudent to build up against it. He noted that his organization agreed with the Board that, ideally, all cars should be stored under cover; however, he did understand that Muni has other priorities and that his organization intended to make sure all the cars with wooden and canvas roofs would be stored under the canopy. He pointed out that 22 of the historic streetcars have wooden or canvas roofs, and those should be the cars stored under the proposed canopy. Construction of the canopy is estimated to take approximately 18 months, contingent upon the bidding process.

It was moved by Ms. Lenvin, seconded by Mr. Ozan, that $775,000 be allocated to support the Geneva Canopy project. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Orleans Historic Streetcar - $375,000

Muni requested $375,000 to purchase and rehabilitate the famous New Orleans Historic Streetcar No. 952.

Mr. Sunshine stated that SFMRIC and the Market Street Railway have helped to purchase Muni’s historic streetcars. Currently, No. 952 is leased from New Orleans. The lease is expiring and Muni has an opportunity to purchase this vehicle or a similar car from a Southern California museum. The museum car is the same vintage as No. 952. If Muni owned the vehicle it would be able to use federal, state and local transportation funds to rehabilitate the car. Vehicle No. 952 is in need of rehabilitation to make it ADA and CPUC compliant.

Mr. Nothenberg asked if the requested funding would pay for both acquisition and rehabilitation. Mr. Sunshine stated the funds would cover the purchase as well as ADA and CPUC modifications.

It was moved by Ms. Lenvin, seconded by Mr. Ozan, to allocate $375,000 to acquire a New Orleans historic streetcar, No. 952 or a car of the same vintage; and of that amount, $175,000 be reserved exclusively for rehabilitation work. The motion was unanimously approved.

Historic PCC Streetcar Rehabilitation - $849,191

Muni requested $725,000 in new funding, plus reprogramming of $124,191 from closed projects, for rehabilitation of historic Presidential Conference Cars (PCCs).

Ms. Magary provided a summary of funding received or programmed to date for rehabilitating Muni’s PCCs, which totals $4,298,548. SFMRIC funds would be used as a local match for these funds. Mr. Nothenberg questioned whether all of the other funding is in place. Ms. Magary explained that some funds are only planned at this time.

Mr. Nothenberg asked what approvals Muni has received to date. Ms. Magary stated that once funding has been secured and the project specifications prepared, the project will be sent to the MTA Board for approval to issue an RFP and subsequently to issue the contract.

Mr. Escher questioned whether the rehabilitation cost of approximately $1.7 million per car was reasonable, or whether a new car could be purchased for less. Mr. Laubscher replied that purchasing a new car would likely be more expensive. In response to a question from Ms. Lenvin, he noted that replica cars would also be more expensive than the rehabilitation costs.

Ms. Lenvin noted that the request included reallocated SFMRIC funding, which the Board has not acted on. Mr. Emblidge clarified that the Board could approve a total of $849,191, which would include the funds rescinded earlier.

It was moved by Mr. Moylan, seconded by Mr. Ludwig, to allocate $849,191 for PCC rehabilitation, with the recognition that SFMRIC funds would be fully expended regardless of the total project funding level. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Nothenberg requested that staff provide the Board with regular updates on the projects approved today.

7. Update from Municipal Railway staff on the status of the proposed development of Kirkland Yard

Ms. Magary reviewed project highlights for the Board. Muni wishes to sell this property in order to build a new bus facility at Islais Creek. She then reviewed steps already taken toward completing the sale, and those steps planned for 2005.

Mr. Nothenberg asked that staff keep this item on the agenda so the Board can receive regular updates on project progress.

8. Update by Legal Counsel on Board Finances

Mr. Emblidge gave a presentation on SFMRIC finances. He informed the Board that the final financial statement for fiscal year 2003-04 had not been received from MUNI’s auditors. He introduced Mr. Ralph Ruminoff of U.S. Bank and stated he was available to answer any questions.

Mr. Ruminoff gave the Board a summary of the SFMRIC Trust Account investments.

Mr. Nothenberg inquired whether MTA would consider having SFMRIC issue bonds under the remaining authorization. Ms. Carey noted that payment of interest would be required from the MTA operating budget, so it is unlikely that the MTA would request a bond issue at this time.

9. Such Other Business as May Come Before the Board of Directors

No other business was discussed.

10. Setting a Date and Time for the Next Board Meeting

Mr. Emblidge will contact Board members in late January to solicit a possible meeting date in March.

11. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Recorded by:

Virginia Richardson

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