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PCC Executive Committee Meeting
August 11, 2010
711 Eddy Street, San Francisco

PCC Executive Committee Members Present: Stu Smith, PCC Chair; Olivia Santiago, PCC Vice Chair; Ameur Kallel; Byron Yan; Cheryl Damico; Gilda Chico; Claudia Grubler; Erma Brim; Genya Ehrlich; Harvey Katz; Griff Humphrey; Jacy Cohen; Jeanne Lynch; John Lazar; Kaye Griffen; Pam Martinez; Roland Wong; Ruach Graffis; Russell Green; Ruth Lawner; Sandra Fancher; Scott Blum; Marty Smith; Joseph Flanagan; Melecio Torres; Patrick McCollum

PCC Members and Guests: Jane Bolig; Juany Ratanasanguan; Robin Krop; Mark Frailey

PCC Executive Committee Member Excused:

SF Paratransit: Marc Soto; Paul Okunewitch; Aaron Bonfilio

SFMTA: Kate Toran; Annette Williams

Stu Smith, PCC Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:35 am. 

Read and Approve Agenda

Olivia Santiago, PCC Vice Chair, read the agenda. The agenda was motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

Approve Minutes of June 23, 2010 meeting

The minutes were motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

July 14, 2010 PC&O Group Van Subcommittee Report  

Jacy Cohen read the following report:

  • The PC&O Group Van Committee Meeting was held on July 14, 2010.  The minutes were approved as read. An additional item was added to the agenda regarding the Clipper Card.
  • Annette Williams updated the committee on the status of the upcoming 5310 grants.  For more information participants should contact Kate Toran at SFMTA. Annette Williams also presented to the committee information regarding the Clipper Card (transit pass).
  • During the Service Quality Update from the Group Van Agencies representatives indicated that on-time performance has been very good. Communication between the agencies and the providers continues to improve.
  • During the Service Providers Update Ameur Kallel of Mobility Plus introduced Natalie Kidd, MPT’s Group Van coordinator. Service has been running well for both Mobility Plus and Medsam. Scott Blum of Medsam indicated that ridership increased at some of the group agencies and Medsam has adjusted routes accordingly.
  • During the Broker Report Marc Soto updated the Committee on the status of the Shop-a-Round shopping shuttle, Trapeze software implementation, the Debit Card project, and the recent low-floor vehicle demonstration.
  • Announcements: Tracy McCloud updated the committee on the continuing budget issues for the State ADHC program.
  • The next meeting will be on October 6, 2010, at the broker’s office.    

August 4, 2010 PC&O Taxi/Ramp Taxi Subcommittee

Marty Smith read the following report:

  • The PC&O Taxi & Ramp Taxi Committee Meeting was held on May 5th 2010.  The minutes were approved as read.
  • Comments from the Chair: The Chair commented about communication between Luxor dispatch and the need for them to respond better to patron requests for ramp taxis. Desoto brought up the issue of step stools regarding vans or SUV’s Marty talked about his suggestion to allow ramp taxis at the airport to get front of the line privileges if they leave to go to the city to respond to ramp taxi’.
  • Service Quality Issues: Marc Soto raised issues at SFMTA service area boundaries in the Northern San Mateo area. Marc raised the other problems concerning debit and credit cards and problems associated with it. Roland Wong raised the issues related to the $35.00 maximum. He asked if it could be flexible.
  • Comments from taxi drivers and companies: Cheryl Damico announced that there was a ramp taxi training next Saturday at Yellow (8/21/10). No comments from Desoto or Taxi Driver Institute. Marty discussed Luxor driver training and engaged Cheryl and Rauch regarding driver certificates. Discussion regarding complaints and reporting complaints.
  • The next meeting will be on November 3, 2010, at the broker’s office.  

After Marty read the report, Cheryl Damico stated that in her training class, she uses a document signed by Chief Lau from 2000 which indicates that paratransit taxis and vans can use bus and blue zones to load/unload paratransit riders if there is no other safe option.  Cheryl would like to have this document updated.

Scott Blum stated that Medsam drivers have recently received tickets for loading/unloading in a blue zone, and he had to go to 11 South Van Ness to appeal.  While appeals were usually successful, the time needed to devote to the appeal was very taxing.

Annette indicated that the document had been updated since 2000 and the information has been used to educate DPT staff.  DPT’s concern is that it not be misused.  Annette added that there is a mechanism for appealing tickets.  The street level PCO’s need to be aware of this policy.

Ruach Graffis stated that it’s also important to train the hearing officers.  Marty Smith added that cab drivers need to pull forward to the front of the bus zone.  Jane Bolig suggested a face-to-face meeting with DPT and the taxi industry.  Annette stated that she would set up the meeting.

Ruach added that there also needs to be a loading/unloading zone with a curb cut at BART stations and all bus stops.

Kaye Griffin stated that there’s a problem with the temporary Transbay Terminal.  Annette stated that the paratransit zone there is for hand-to-hand transfers of paratransit customers using the intercounty service.  It’s mainly used by Whistletop Wheels and RediWheels, and not SF Paratransit.  Annette added that she can ask the design staff working on the new Transbay Terminal to come to the PCC meeting.

Marty Smith asked if cab companies will be involved with the design of the new station.  Kaye stated that the entrance is too far away from the paratransit drop off and she can’t walk that far.  She indicated that there needs to be a zone for paratransit drop offs for paratransit riders taking AC Transit.  She added that there is no place to sit.

Paratransit Broker Report

  • Debit Card Update: Marc stated that the type certification process conducted by the State’s Department of Measurement Standards (DMS) is on-going, and he has begun a dialogue with state legislative staff regarding the DMS process.
  • Low Floor Van: Marc reported that MPT tested a low floor van over the past month.  Overall, the vehicle did not receive positive reviews.  The configuration of the vehicle is a big concern.  The two spaces for wheelchair securements are at the front of the vehicle, which causes complications due to the shared ride nature of the service.  If there are two wheelchairs secured, then there is no space for other ambulatory riders to get to their seats.  Also, the slope of the ramp is quite steep.  There is a fixed section of the slope inside the vehicle which has a one in six rise.  This is very steep and makes it difficult for ambulatory riders to walk up the ramp and there is no other choice for boarding.  Byron Yan stated that he rode in the low floor vehicle and he liked it.  He added that it was roomy; he didn’t find the ramp too steep; and, he felt the low floor helped reduce the overall bumpiness. Marc stated that Sonoma County Transit is in the process of purchasing some low floor vehicles and that we can monitor their satisfaction. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey:  Marc reported that the Paratransit survey will take place in the coming months.  In the past, the survey has been conducted in the spring, but there was a delay this year due to funding concerns.
  • FY09-10 Year End Service Level Statistics & Performance Goals: Marc stated that the year end statistics were not ready to be presented because of complications due to the close-out of the prior contract.  The statistics will be presented at the next PCC meeting.  Kate presented the SF Paratransit performance goals, which relate to complaints, on-time reliability, and Broker phone performance.

Genya stated that the debit card is going very well.  Jane Bolig stated that she had a situation where she swiped a paratransit customer’s card at the beginning of the trip and the balance indicated “0.”  The customer was sure she had money on the card, so Jane provided the trip, and at the end, she did have enough to pay for the trip and the receipt indicated, “75+.” 

Marc stated that a PASS training class will be held in the fall or early spring of next year.  If anyone is interested in signing up for the class, they should let Paul Okunewitch know.

Slideshow from 2010 Jewel McGinnis Appreciation Luncheon

Kate showed a slideshow of pictures from the 2010 and 2009 Jewel McGinnis Appreciation Luncheon.


  • Kate handed out driver of the year nomination forms, which should be returned to Paul Okunewitch by October 1, 2010.
  • Melecio Torres stated that the DVD which includes part of his life story will be shown at the San Francisco public library on the 6th floor on August 17.
  • Kate thanked Jeanne Lynch and Genya Ehrlich for their participation in the photo shoot for the Shopping Shuttle brochure and poster.
  • Jeanne Lynch stated that there will be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Social Security on Saturday 14th at the U.S. federal building at Mission and 7th.

The next PCC meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 711 Eddy Street

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