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PCC Executive Committee Meeting
March 30, 2011
711 Eddy Street, San Francisco

PCC Executive Committee Members Present: Cheryl Damico, PCC Chair; Joseph Flanagan, PCC Vice Chair; Marty Smith, PCC Secretary; Ameur Kallel; Fred Lein; Jacy Cohen; Jane Bolig; Byron Yan; Jane Redmond; Pam Martinez; Ruach Graffis; Russell Green; Scott Blum; Ursula McGuire; Melecio Torres; Stu Smith; Erma Brim; Genya Ehrlich; Laurie Graham; Patrick McCollum; Roland Wong; Sandra Fancher; Ruth Lawner: Kaye Griffin; Jeanne Lynch; Griff Humphrey; Olivia Santiago

PCC Members and Guests: Kevin Hayes; Troy Barnes; Silas Telfor; Annie M. Young

PCC Executive Committee Member Excused: Gilda Chico

SF Paratransit staff: Marc Soto; Paul Okunewitch; John Sanderson; Roxana Lara

SFMTA: Kate Toran; Annette Williams

Cheryl Damico, PC&O Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:30 am. 

Read and Approve Agenda

Marty Smith, PCC Secretary, read the agenda. The agenda was motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

Approve Minutes of February 16, 2011 meeting

The minutes were motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

Comments from the Chair

Cheryl Damico stated that the SF PCC is a professional group and very active.  She reminded the group that SF PCC members need to show respect for each other, and guests, use a professional tone of voice, not engage in cross talk, address each other through the Chair or the person leading the discussion and turn cell phones off at the beginning of the meeting.

5310 Grant Process Update

Kate Toran reported that six San Francisco-based non-profit organizations submitted 5310 applications for grant funding to purchase accessible vehicles: On Lok, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Kimochi, Self Help for the Elderly, St. Mary’s Adult Day Health Center and Edgewood Center.  The final applications were due to the Grant Review Subcommittee on March 4, 2011.  The Grant Review Subcommittee reviewed and scored the proposals.  The scores were sent to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).  MTC provided a second level of review and scoring.  The next step in the process will be for MTC to adopt the regional rankings and send them to Caltrans on May 6.  Caltrans will then review the statewide rankings, re-score and adopt the final 5310 scores and program.

Kate stated that she would keep the PCC informed as the process moves forward.

Shopping Shuttle Update

Marco Soto introduced the Shopping Shuttle Coordinator, Roxana Lara.  Roxana stated that the Shopping Shuttle is ramping up.  There are currently 90 registered riders and 13 group trips have been provided.  Roxana is conducting community outreach and working with the providers and registered riders to help set up trips.  The demand for service has been slower to ramp up than anticipated, and in an effort to increase demand, the SFMTA is expanding the service beyond the originally targeted neighborhoods, to the entire city.  Roxie is developing a phased roll-out schedule and outreach plan for this expansion.  New neighborhoods will be phased in by zip code, and the Shopping Shuttle brochure is being revised.  Roxie emphasized that she is still continuing to conduct outreach in the originally targeted neighborhoods and public housing sites (Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, OMI, Clementina Towers, 350 Ellis, and 666 Ellis).

SFMTA is also exploring the possibility of using taxis to provide individual shopping shuttle trips, as a limited adjunct to the van shuttle service.  If implemented, a limited amount of taxi shopping shuttle riders would be able to load $60 of value on a specially issued taxi debit card and use the card to pay for taxi service to an approved grocery store location in San Francisco.

Annie Young stated that the shopping shuttle van trips should be scheduled on Wednesdays because that’s when the grocery stores have sales.  Pam Martinez stated that there should be outreach conducted to the taxi industry regarding the taxi shopping concept.  Kate responded that outreach is part of the plan and that there will be a presentation on the concept at the Taxi Advisory Council meeting on April 11. 

Marc Soto added that SF Paratransit recognizes the challenges of using taxis to provide this type of shopping service.  There is a plan to heighten awareness of the potential new program.

Jane Bolig stated that she would like at outreach session at a Golden Gate Senior Services about the Shopping Shuttle service.

PC&O SF Access, March 2, 2011

Roland Wong read the following report:

  1. The PC&O ADA SF Access Committee meeting was held on March 2, 2011. The agenda was approved. The minutes from the December 15, 2010 meeting were approved as read.
  2. Election of PC&O SF Access Subcommittee Vice Chair: Roland Wong was elected by acclamation.  Kate also reported to the group the election of the PC&O Chair position. Ameur Kallel is the new PC&O Chair.
  3. Dialysis issues & other service issues:  The committee discussed SF Access service issues, including issues raised during an ad hoc meeting between Jane Redmond, Lurilla Harris, the broker’s office and Mobility Plus. Ms. Redmond reported that the meeting was positive and felt Mobility Plus was responsive to the consumers’ concerns. However, Ms. Redmond said that she remains concerned about cell phone use by MPT drivers. On dialysis specifically, the committee discussed the transition of two former Sutter Health units to DaVita Dialysis Incorporated.
  4. The Service Provider Report: In addition to the previous discussion of service issues, Ameur Kallel reported that MPT just completed a driver shift-bid and expanded route availability during peak times. Group Van service has also increased which has impacted driver availability and MPT’s driver recruitment continues.
  5. During the Broker Report Paul Okunewitch updated the committee on the ongoing RFP for SF Access and Group Van services. The selection process should be completed by May 15, 2011, with a start-date of August 15, 2011. Paul updated the group on the ongoing procurement of Mobile Data Terminals.  Paul also reported on the expansion of the Shop-A-Round program. The committee weighed in on the need to supplement limited fixed-route access in the Sunset and Richmond districts.
  6. Announcements: Marc Soto updated the committee of a recent incident following the drop-off of a Group Van passenger at his home destination. The residence, a board and care facility, reported the patron missing later that evening. The patron was transported home from a dementia day care program.  Multiple searches have been conducted and were ongoing at the time of the PC&O meeting. Discussion continued regarding the passenger assistance policies of SF Paratransit and the limitations of the service. SF Paratransit cannot provide attendant care.  An awareness campaign has begun to make sure all parties (passengers, agencies and providers) understand the specific limitations of ADA-paratransit service. 

    Kate Toran updated the committee on the status of discussions with the SF Bicycle Coalition and the 5310-Grant distribution process.
  7. The next PC&O ADA SF Access meeting will be on June 1, 2011.

Paratransit Broker Report

Marc Soto provided the following brief report:

Group Van: On February 24th, a group van customer was dropped off at his board and care facility after having attended an ADHC dementia day program.  After being dropped off, this patron wandered off and went missing for subsequent days.  Despite intense search efforts, the patron was found deceased on March 6th on the grounds of the Legion of Honor.  The SF Paratransit Broker has reviewed this matter and has taken a number of steps to improve information sharing related to patron needs in both Group Van and SF Access along with heightening awareness among agencies and service providers regarding service delivery.  The next PC&O Group Van Subcommittee on April 6th will focus on these matters.  Special outreach has been conducted to all group van agencies and providers about the importance of attending this meeting.  At the meeting, the SF Paratransit Broker will continue its efforts to heighten awareness of the services provided by SF Paratransit.  The goal is to educate agencies and providers, learn from this past incident and minimize these types of incidents.  Marc added that the matter continues to be reviewed and refrained from discussing the specific case any further.

Paul Okunewitch provided the rest of the Broker’s report:

Van Provider RFP:  The SF Paratransit Broker has cancelled the original RFP process for new van contracts which started in late 2010 due to a number of deficiencies in the proposals received.  A new RFP process is now underway.   On February 14th, the revised RFP and new schedule was re-posted on [SF Paratransit]   It is generally the same RFP with some clarifications.  Proposals are due on April 1, 2011.  The selection process is expected to be finished by mid-May and service under the new contracts is anticipated to begin in mid-August.

In Taxi Equipment (ITE): On February 24th, the state Department of Measurement Standards issued final type certification to Wireless Edge.  Wireless Edge has reported that they shipping their remaining ITE units as of March 25th.  SFMTA issued a memo to Color Schemes stating that all taxis must have their ITE units installed as of April 15.

MPT Service: MPT submitted goals and objectives for improving service.  They have new driver hiring procedures, extended training, new driver uniforms and they have installed GPS in their vans.  MPT is four drivers short of their full complement, but they are working to fully staff up to needed levels.  Veolia meets with MPT every other week to discuss their service quality issues, and there has been an improvement in service over the past few months.

Mobile Data Computers: Veolia published an “intent to procure” notice on January 31, 2011 for Mobile Data Computers for SF Paratransit vans.  The Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued in the next few months.

After the Broker’s Report, Kate added that SFMTA is getting close to implementing ramp taxi driver incentives and that she would keep the group posted.  Along with the incentives, a ramp taxi monitoring plan is being developed.  SFMTA is also working to clarify the Paratransit Rules of Operation and update some outdated information, such as the Broker address, the name of the SF Access service,   and inserting the new debit card policies and procedures.  She offered to share a copy of the updated rules with anyone interested.  Kate also announced that SFMTA has been continuing to discuss paratransit and taxi issues related to bike lanes.  SMFTA is working to issue a bulletin to parking control officers (PCOs) that taxis and paratransit vans should not be cited while actively loading/unloading in a bike lane.  Also, SFMTA has drafted a bumper sticker for paratransit vans and taxis indicating that the vehicles are authorized to load/unload in bikes lanes.  A decal for the rear right window of taxis has been designed as well indicated that those alighting should be aware of cyclists.  In addition to the PCO bulletin, bumper sticker and decal, SFMTA is also working on developing training materials for van and taxi drivers regarding appropriate use of bike lanes for pick up and drop off of paratransit customers.

Kaye Griffin stated that bikes on Market Street are a huge problem. 

Public Comment

Roland Wong stated that he is a member of the Mayor’s Disability Council (MDC) and that he wants to invite staff to a MDC meeting to provide an overview of the paratransit program. Kate stated that she has been in touch with Ken Stein about attending meeting in May or June.

Russell Green stated that he has been on-time for his chemotherapy appointments and htat MPT is doing a good job.

Silas Telfor stated that he was misinterpreted at the last meeting.

Marty Smith stated that Luxor has launched an advance reservation phone line for wheelchair service. The phone line operates on Saturdays from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm and wheelchair users can call to schedule their trips for the week in advance.  The phone number is 401.1414.

The next PCC meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 711 Eddy Street

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