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PCC Executive Committee Meeting
September 22, 2010
711 Eddy Street, San Francisco

PCC Executive Committee Members Present: Olivia Santiago, PCC Vice Chair; Ameur Kallel; Byron Yan; Cheryl Damico; Gilda Chico; Claudia Grubler; Erma Brim; Genya Ehrlich; Griff Humphrey; Jeanne Lynch; John Lazar; Ruach Graffis; Russell Green; Ruth Lawner; Scott Blum; Joseph Flanagan; Melecio Torres;

PCC Members and Guests: Jane Bolig; Wannee Ratanasanguan; Marty Smith; John Busskohl; Troy Barnes; Annie McMillan Young; Silas Telfor; Joyce Oishi; Rick Coffin; Phil Sandri; Alfred Lau

PCC Executive Committee Member Excused: Jacy Cohen; Pam Martinez; Roland Wong; Laurie Graham

SF Paratransit: Marc Soto; Paul Okunewitch

SFMTA: Kate Toran; Annette Williams; Heath Maddox; Antonio Piccagli

Olivia Santiago, PCC Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:45 am. 

Read and Approve Agenda

Cheryl Damico, PC&O Chair Coordinator, read the agenda. The agenda was motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

Approve Minutes of August 11, 2010 meeting

The minutes were motioned/seconded/passed as presented.

September 1, 2010 PC&O SF Access Subcommittee

Cheryl Damico read the following report:

  • Dialysis issues & Other service issues:  There have been recent complaints of very late pickups and other service issues for dialysis trips, especially on Saturdays and during the evening hours. Concerns were raised regarding reports of an injury accident that needed to be investigated, as well as, regarding the training and supervision of drivers while in the field.
  • During the Service Provider Report Ameur Kallel reported that MPT is actively recruiting more drivers and purchased more vehicles in August to increase service capacity and that this should help address problems with on-time performance. Mr. Kallel also reported that MPT is recruiting for a Safety and Training Manager to revamp, strengthen and facilitate MPT’s training program.  Vincent Webster the former Safety & Training Manager left Mobility Plus in August. Mr. Kallel also informed the group that Mobility Plus has re-issued uniforms to all staff members.  
  • During the Broker Report Paul Okunewitch reported that they have finalized the emergency operations plan. Mr. Okunewitch also informed the group that revisions to the Rider’s guides are underway. Trapeze training for providers is ongoing, including training for DAAS Group Van providers. Mr. Okunewitch also announced that a meeting with the dialysis units is scheduled to address current issues with service to/from dialysis.  Mr. Okunewitch announced that the rider survey will begin soon, as well as a PASS training course for those interested in becoming PASS certified.
  • The next PC&O ADA SF Access meeting will be on December 15, 2010 at the broker’s office.

After Cheryl read the report, Ruth Lawner stated that a resident in her building has been having difficulty with MPT service to his dialysis appointments.  Mr. Chin stated that his father lives at Laguna Honda, and he is also having difficulty with MPT service.  He has experienced extremely late pick ups, and Mr. Chin stated he thinks that there are problems with the dispatchers and unrealistic schedules.  Olivia Santiago added that City College students have been experiencing problems with MPT service over the past few weeks, including poor communication, late pick-ups, difficulty getting through to a person.

Marc Soto stated that he is aware of the problems with MPT service and that he is working closely with Valerie Flores and John Busskohl, upper management at MPT, to resolve the issues.  Marc added that MPT needs to ensure that their drivers and dispatchers are properly trained.  John Busskohl apologized for the issues and acknowledged that MPT is short on drivers.  Mr. Busskohl stated that MPT is committed to addressing the problems as quickly as possibly and with as many resources as possible.  MPT is looking for a new manager to lead MPT’s SF division, and will include Marc in the process.

August 24, 2010 Planning and Review Subcommittee

Griff Humphrey read the following report:

  • The Planning and Review Subcommittee met on August 24th to discuss the upcoming PCC Annual Meeting.
  • We discussed:
    • Annual Meeting Location: 711 Eddy Street
    • Program: Jane Bolig will be emcee again this year
    • Special guests and speakers
    • Catering: Mohammad El Tawil
    • Fundraising
    • Meeting date: due to two holiday weekends in November, we are recommending that the meeting be held on November 6th, the first Saturday in November
    • Awards
    • PCC News and Notes
  • Other issues: Kate reported to the group that Stu Smith suggested that the PCC come in line with other city entities and adopt an anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policy.  The group agreed on the concept, and Kate stated that she is working with the City Attorney and will bring back the specific wording to the group when it has been drafted.

Transbay Terminal Report

Annette introduced the team from the Transbay Joint Powers Authority program management team: Joyce Oishi, Rick Coffin, Phil Sandri, and; Alfred Lau.  Phil Sandri explained that the old Transbay Terminal has been closed and that there is a new temporary terminal. Mr. Sandri provided an update on the plans for the new Transbay Terminal.  The new terminal will include an area for retail, recreation, concerts a food court, as well as transit terminals.  The ground level will include a grand hall, will be a full block long and will have an open floor plan and a lot of natural light.  The second level will include the bus deck with 36 bus bays.  The paratransit pick-up and drop-off area will be off the main hall.  It will include a 40’ long accessible drop-off area.  There will be eight elevators off the grand hall.  During Phase I of the construction, the taxi stand area will be on Natoma, adjacent to the grand hall.  The taxi stand area will be moved to Howard Street during Phase II of the project. 

Jane Bolig stated that it’s difficult to get to both Howard and Natoma, and that now there is easy access off Mission Street.  Marty Smith added that taxi representatives should be involved in the planning process.  Mr. Sandri responded that Jarvis Murray from SFMTA Taxi Services is included.  Ruach Graffis commented that it would make most sense to involve actual taxi drivers, since they best know the concerns and challenges taxi drivers face.

SFMTA Bike Planning Discussion  

Kate Toran stated that the PCC has been discussing the issue of the new bike lanes on Market Street that have the delineator posts and their impact on paratransit pick-ups and drop-offs. The PCC wrote a letter to SFMTA Sustainable Streets, and the staff has been meeting internally to discuss the issue.  Kate introduced Heath Maddox and Antonio Piccagli of SFMTA Sustainable Streets, who were invited to the meeting to discuss the bike lanes.

Heath stated that he received the letter from the PCC and followed up by analyzing paratransit boarding and alighting data on Market Street and meeting to discuss the issues with Accessible Services staff.  There was also a meeting on September 7th, which included staff from SFMTA Accessible Services, Sustainable Streets, Taxi Services and Enforcement, as well as a few PCC representatives. At that meeting, the group discussed allowing paratransit vehicles into the bike lanes to pick-up or drop-off paratransit customers if there is no other safe and appropriate alternative.  The bike lanes are wide enough to allow vehicles, but a concern was raised by taxi representatives that there could be a backlash by cyclists who may be upset that there is a vehicle in the bike lane.  Staff discussed possibly stenciling a symbol at the top of the bike lane that would provide a visual clue that paratransit vehicles in bike lanes are allowed.  Heath then invited the PCC to comment or ask questions.

Marty Smith stated that bikes break every rule in the book – they punch out windows and mirrors.  Marty suggested that bikers should have licenses and that their bikes should be registered.  Ruach Graffis stated that some paratransit customers have mobility problems and that every extra step is difficult and so being dropped off mid-block would be hard.  Jane Bolig stated that taxi drivers and paratransit customers should be part of the discussion about planning bike lanes.  Jane suggested a town hall meeting to air the issues.  Ruach added that there could be a component about bikes in the new taxi driver training classes.

John Lazar stated that Luxor drivers have had two accidents involving bicyclists on Market Street dropping off passengers.  John added that the bicyclists keep riding fast and don’t want to stop.  Drivers get tickets because there are no taxi stands; no place to park.

Jeanne Lynch raised concerns about the unsafe behavior of some bicyclists, particularly those that ride on the sidewalk. 

Kate stated that any proposed sharing of the bike lanes would need to involve an educational campaign with the bike community, and she suggested that the PCC reach out to the Bike Coalition.

Paratransit Broker Report

  • Debit Card Update: Marc reported that the Type Certification process is nearly complete and that the In Taxi Equipment vendors are working positively with the State Department of Measurement Standards.
  • PASS Training: Veolia is hosting a Passenger Assistance Training session on November 3, 4 and 5 at the Oakland Airport.  The full PASS certification requires attendance at all three days; re-certification only requires attendance on the last day.  It costs $375 for the full course.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey:  Marc reported that the Paratransit survey will take place in the coming months.  A small group of PCC representatives met and reviewed the survey instrument.
  • FY09-10 Year End Service Level Statistics & Performance Goals: The statistics were included with the agenda packet.


Jeanne Lynch announced that Senior Action Network would be celebrating their 20th anniversary on October 14th from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Unitarian Church, 1187 Franklin.

The next PCC meeting will be held on
Wednesday, December 8, 2010
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 711 Eddy Street

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