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Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
City and County of San Francisco
Minutes for Tuesday, July 13, 2010
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Place (Polk Street), Room 408
Start Time: 5:30 p.m

Present Members:

    • Liddell
    • Hunter
    • Strassner
    • Lowell (VICE CHAIR)
    • Lopez (SECRETARY)
    • Lee
    • Supawanich
    • Clark
    • Ehrlich
    • Rhoads
    • Smith
    • Nardella
    • Pelfrey

Excused Absence:

    • Ra
    • Rothman
  • Item 1: June 2010 Minutes approved, pending changes: Add Mr. Pelfrey to roll call.
  • Item 2: July 2010 Agenda approved
  • Item 3: Pedestrian safety using SB83
    • Speaker: Ben Stupka (SFCTA) – Short overview about SB83 (see handout)
      • Highlights:

• $10 registered driver fee proposed.  25% of the fee would go to pedestrian safety infrastructure programs: 5 million dollars per year total, but this does not guarantee pedestrian safety funding each year as all of the funding could be allocated to any of the other two categories; Expenditure plan is for 30 years. The total amount of money devoted to pedestrian safety over 30 years is $37.5 million. SFCTA would conduct a strategic prioritization plan every 5 years and involve stakeholders in this plan.

• Competing proposal on the November ballot (State): Stop Hitting Taxes – Any fees would require a super majority vote; repercussion is that if it passes, it could negate SB83.

• Questions/Comments by PSAC Members:   

o Question: Is there a follow up evaluation required?

§ SFCTA Answer: We look at performance measures in terms of project delivery.

o Question: If this additional funding stream does come into play, will it be applied to the projects that have already been prioritized?

§ SFCTA: We are still thinking about it.

o Question: Is this a different strategic plan than what currently exists for Prop K funding as far as feedback from the public?

§ SFCTA: Yes, it would be a separate process.

o Question: Is there a relationship you would like to have with the PSAC to help?

§ SFCTA: The process would likely be for us to present the plans to the PSAC and to get your feedback

§ John Lowell proposes to receive the documents that are related to SB83 and its plans in order to become more educated about the issue.

o Question: Are there any provisions to limiting any borrowed funds?

§ SFCTA: Funds from SB83 can be bonded against, but projects would have to meet the criteria. There is also a clause in both prop K and SB83 not to swap funds.

o Question: Can any of the funding go to education, health, encouragement?

§ SFCTA: All the funds for SB83 are for capital projects.

o Question:

§ What does it mean to “minimize conflicts with other modes”?

• SFCTA: Make sure the project is streamlined with what will go on the roadway—that you are not benefiting pedestrians over bicyclists, when you could be benefiting both.

o Question: What type of plan of action do you have to make sure there is interagency coordination?

§ SFCTA: The 5 year plan will involve working with all of the agencies to make sure we are all working together?

o Question: How will you select what falls within each of the three categories?

§ SFCTA: There are basic criteria already drafted but more specific criteria would be developed depending on what decisions are made for implementation of projects.   

o Question: Proposes that PSAC endorses SB83 on the ballot.

o MOTION PASSED: To meet for a special public PSAC meeting if the SFCTA places SB83 on the November ballot with the purpose of endorsing the bill.

• Item 4: SFMTA Report

• Available to the public at

• July 15th – Valencia St, Ribbon Cutting

• Pedestrian Counting Project

o Working with SFCTA to develop an exposure model

• One pedestrian counter was stolen

o 5 counters currently out in the field

• Continental crosswalk conversions funded through Prop K – multiple locations identified and the crosswalks were installed

• Red zones are also being implemented to increase visibility of pedestrians stepping off the curb and into the crosswalk

• School Crosswalks—(funded through prop K) finishing 30 crosswalks identified

• Pedestrian Program reorganization within SFMTA; organizational chart demonstrated

• Questions:

o What are shark’s teeth?

§ Answer: Yield lines that are made of a series of triangles.

o When will the Better Streets Plan be considered for adoption by the Board of Supervisors?

§ Answer: Perhaps in the Fall.

• Taskforce Reports

• Report is still in progress.

MOTION PASSED: To complete the PSAC’s State of Pedestrian Safety Report by September 14, 2010.

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