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Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
City and County of San Francisco
Minutes for Tuesday, May 11, 2010
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Place (Polk Street), Room 408
Start Time: 5:30 p.m

Present Members:

    • Liddell
    • Rothman (CHAIR)
    • Hunter
    • Strassner
    • Lowell (VICE CHAIR)
    • Lopez (SECRETARY)
    • Lee
    • Supawanich
    • Clark
    • Ehrlich
    • Rhoads
    • Smith
    • Nardella

Excused Absence:

    • Ra
    • Pelfrey

1. Agenda approved

2. Meeting Minutes Approved

3. Piezoeletric—Postponed

4. Walking Signals:

a. See handout with proposal by H. Strassner (below)

b. Paul S. proposes to conduct some background research on the matter prior to moving forward with a resolution.

i. Dahianna L. agrees with Paul S. and has asked to move the item to the June Agenda.   

c. Oliver Gajda:

i. Pedestrian signal guidelines—the state roads prefer “actuated” signals

1. Suggested to invite someone from CalTrans to speak on the matter and/or to ask the BOS to write a letter to Sacramento regarding the matter.

2. Countdown signals—have been proven to reduce collisions; some issues with running the conduit are not insurmountable; a large infrastructure project would be needed for pedestrian countdown signals.

3. There are two types of buttons (actuated and unactuated)

5. Staff Report MTA:

a. Lots of work with engineering taskforce

i. Working on trying to cue up another round of funding through Prop K.

1. Working on several applications—going to SFCTA (more continental crosswalk conversions); reopening closed crosswalks, painting more crosswalks; cueing more Accessible Pedestrian Signals

2. List of closed crosswalks

a. First 10 will be addressed (List shown on the screen by Oliver Gl., SFMTA)

i. Question from Richard R.: How were the intersections picked?

1. Answer: Collisions, speeds, multi-lane roads (producing a multiple threat); regional equity—makes sense to do something along a corridor and not just along one intersection.

ii. Question from Joe N.: What’s the turnaround time to reopen it?

1. Answer: Within the fiscal year.

iii. From Joe N.: Will there be an evaluation with regards to collisions?

1. Yes, but we need data over time to tell if there was a change.

6. Report from the Subcommittees:

1. Encouragement:

a. Looking to reproducing the sign to post – encouraging people to walk their bike on the sidewalk.

i. Police has been notified about the enforcement issue.

2. Policy report:

a. In addition to SFCTA, followed up on additional sources of funding—handout

b. Report – ready within next week

3. Police (Enforcement)

a. Jim R.: Enforcement subtaskforce had 2 meetings with the police and enforcement and found that:

i. There are 37 motorcycle officers. 1/3 retiring soon.

ii. Not much interest in allocating more officers to active pedestrian safety enforcement.

iii. Will meet to talk more about recommendations.

4. Engineering:

a. Reports from all engineering and urban planning parties involved. Goal was to get a culmination of all pedestrian plans and that goal was met.  

b. Next step is to follow-up with the agencies and ensure the accuracy of the information.  

5. Health and Education:

a. Have not heard from Department of Public Health; however, they have confirmed that they will send out a list of pedestrian safety activities ASAP.

b. Have not heard from Walk SF or Senior Action Network regarding pedestrian safety activities.

c. Have received information from Safe Routes to School and the San Francisco Injury Center. 

7. Chair’s Report:

a. Will try to make sure that the report goes to a committee hearing

i. It may be beneficial for one of the Supervisors to co-sponsor the bill

b. Chair is trying to go to most of the taskforce meetings

c. Still waiting to hear from the Streetblog Team re: broadcasting the PSAC efforts.

Notes by Dahianna Lopez, RN (PSAC Secretary)

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