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SFMTA Taxi Services
Taxi Advisory Council


Monday, October 25, 2010
2nd Floor Atrium Conference Room
1 South Van Ness Avenue

PRESENT:      T. Ajaegbu; J. Bolig; J. Gillespie; L. Graham; J. Han; D. Hinds; D. Khan; B. Korengold; J. Lazar; C. Macmurdo; W. Minikel; W. Mounsey; D. Nazarov; A. Rebelos; C. Sweis

STAFF IN ATTENDANCE:  Christiane Hayashi – Deputy Director/Council Liaison

1. Call to order:  CSweis called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

2. Roll Call – The Roll Call showed a quorum was present.

3. Announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting.

4. Approval of Minutes:  October 12, 2010

No public comment.

DHinds motioned to approve the minutes.  WMounsey seconded the motion.

On motion to approve the minutes from October 12, 2010.


AYES:             J. Bolig; J. Gillespie; L. Graham; J. Han; D. Hinds; D. Khan; J. Lazar; W. Mounsey; W. Minikel; D. Nazarov; A. Rebelos; C. Sweis             

ABSENT:        T. Ajaegbu; B. Korengold; C. Macmurdo

5. Public Comment

DSchneider said he was concerned for driver safety and wants to establish a centralized dispatch with a security component so the driver can get immediate help from the police and have the entire fleet notified of the incident.  He said medallion sales has risen to a higher level than driver safety.

EHattan commented on Uber Cab’s business and thanked CHayashi and JMurray for the work done with Uber Cab.

BMcDowell said there is an undercurrent against taxi drivers.  He said everyone is a driver and there shouldn’t be a differentiation between gas and gate and lease drivers.

FFahy asked if Cabulous can provide dispatch to any company, could he subscribe to another dispatch company.

HKim said new legislation is being written about Uber Cab problem.  He said they will also consult with big limousine companies regarding pre-arranged rides and what it means to help write the legislation.

TLee said maybe there should be another group talking about the medallion program.  He said maybe the age limit should be lowered to 60 for the program. 

CSweis closed public comment.

6. Report of the Council Liaison (Discussion only)

    a. Staff Update

CHayashi, Deputy Director, Taxi Services, provided a Staff update. 

    b. Regulatory Reform Update

JMurray, Enforcement and Legal Affairs Manager, Taxi Services, provided a Regulatory Reform update.

    c. Taxi Medallion Sales Pilot Program Update

MHarris, Investigator, Taxi Services, provided an update on the Taxi Medallion Sales Pilot Program.

Public Comment

TLee said the airport is very busy now and drivers are getting passengers easily.  He said that currently peak time is every time and if a cab is not available then passengers will take a limo. 

EHealy said that nobody has been able to make the peak time medallion idea work but thinks it is great that Taxi Services is making an attempt at making this work.

BTaranto said the peak time medallion issue has been explored many times by the Taxi Commission.  He said you need to look at various issues before doing something like this.  He asked who will make the determination of what is peak time, how do you charge gate, how will radio calls be handled, etc.

FFahy said now is the opportunity to try a hybrid system with employee drivers.  He said the City has been interested in getting in the cab system and its time now to get into a municipal transportation system.

THousman agreed that medallion issuance hearings should be held only in the case of a denial of a medallion.  She requested that the list of applicants be published with enough time so the industry can respond if they have information on an applicant.  She suggested only color scheme employees operate the peak time medallions.

HKim said most taxis were gas and gates but now with the medallion sales program, we should redefine what a long term operator’s role is.  He thinks we should review the requirements and see what qualifications a company should meet in order to have a medallion going to their company in the future.

CSweis closed public comment.



7. Medallion Sales Pilot Program: Review buyer/applicant qualification procedures for the Medallion Application Process (Discussion and Possible Action)

Public Comment

TLee said the qualifications for buyers should be lower and the price of the medallion should be 10% higher.  He said all the medallions should be sold not just a small percentage.

EHealy said he will write about this topic later.

JSanderson, Paratransit, said that he would like to see something that requires applicants to provide Paratransit service somewhere in the medallion application process.

BTaranto said he cannot comment until he hears comments from the council.  He said the hearing officer should be given a deadline to make a decision after a medallion issuance hearing.

FFahy said last time he asked for a definition of the medallion program.  He asked if this will end at some point and also asked if it is denied, does the person then go to the Board of Appeal.

HKim said there are people who have medallions that should not have them and we know there were no driving requirements previously in order to get on the list.  He said finally we have a system where you must be a genuine taxi driver in order to get a medallion and this is a monumental moment because medallions will be in the hands of genuine taxi drivers but we still need to define everyone’s role and how people can operate the medallions under the new system.

CSweis closed public comment.

ARebelos motioned to have the same Key Personnel exemption apply to the people on the medallion waiting list.  WMinikel seconded the motion.

On motion to allow the same Key Personnel exemption apply to the people on the medallion waiting list. 


AYES:             J. Bolig; J. Gillespie; L. Graham; D. Hinds; B. Korengold; J. Lazar; C. Macmurdo; W. Minikel; D. Nazarov; A. Rebelos; C. Sweis

NOES:            T. Ajaegbu; J. Han; D. Khan; W. Mounsey

BKorengold motioned to allow temporary disabled applicants on the waiting list have the same allowances as temporary disabled medallion holders.  JHan seconded the motion.

BKorengold withdrew his motion.

 BKorengold motioned to give an allowance to temporarily disabled applicants on the waiting list.  No second.  Motion failed. 

8. Discuss uniform lease contracts for the taxi industry. (Discussion and Possible Action)

CSweis continued this item to the next meeting.

9. Council Member requests for information.  (Discussion only)

WMinikel asked to know how many medallions are being offered to the people on the waiting list.

JHan asked for a document of the draft that outlines the plan for the Nissan Leaf program.

DKhan asked to have a list of the medallion holders and which companies they are with be posted on the website.

Public Comment

TLee said there should not be too much obstacles for those who want to buy a medallion.  If they have the money, they should be able to buy it.

FFahy commented about the hearing office’s questions during the medallion issuance hearing. 

CSweis closed public comment.

10. Schedule upcoming calendar items [Discussion and Action]

CSweis requested to continue Item #8 to the next agenda.

JLazar requested to add peak time medallions on the next agenda.

BKorengold requested to have public comment after Council Members discuss each item.  He also requested to discuss the requirement for long term lease operators.

DKhan suggested to change “peak time” medallion to “franchise” medallion.

WMinikel requested to discuss the age limit being lowered for the Medallion Sales Pilot Program.

ARebelos requested to discuss driver training.

CSweis motioned to have the following calendar items on the next agenda:  Discuss uniform lease contracts for the taxi industry, the discussion of peak time medallions and the position of public comment in the meeting.  JBolig seconded the motion.

AYES:             T. Ajaegbu; J. Bolig; J. Gillespie; L. Graham; J. Han; D. Hinds; D. Khan; B. Korengold; J. Lazar; C. Macmurdo; W. Minikel; W. Mounsey; D. Nazarov; A. Rebelos; C. Sweis

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned by standing vote at 4:09 p.m.


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