San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project (SFTEP)


SFTEP Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting

Thursday, April 11, 2007

One South Van Ness, Room 3074 (3rd Floor)

Following is a summary of the eighth meeting of the SFTEP Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP). It included an update on project activities and presentation on the service assessment.  Comments (C) are captured below, as well as responses (R) from TEP staff.  The meeting concluded with an opportunity for public comment.


CAC Members/Alternates


Project Team

Joan Downey, SFMTA Citizen Advisory Committee

Bert Hill, Bicycle Advisory Committee

Brian Larkin, SFMTA CAC

Jim Lazarus, Chamber of Commerce

Daniel Murphy, SFMTA Citizen Advisory Committee

Bruce Oka, SFMTA Accessibility Advisory Committee

Bob Planthold, Senior Action Network

David Pilpel, Sierra Club

Tom Radulovich, Livable City

Norman Rolfe, SF Tomorrow

Dave Snyder, SPUR

Mark Soloman, Coalition for Transit Justice

Howard Strassner, Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

Jordanna Thigpen, Small Business Commission

Six members of the public attended


Peter Albert

Julie Kirschbaum

Carl Natvig

Britt Tanner

Controller�s Office

Sally Allen

TEP Consultant Team

Russ Chisholm

Julie Ortiz


TEP Program Manager Julie Kirschbaum reviewed the status of key TEP project activities.  The Market Research is near completion as the team wraps up analysis of competitiveness factors.  Findings will be presented at future meetings. The Service Assessment is well underway.  This meeting�s presentation highlights some of the data collected by the Automatic Passenger Counters (APC).  Once this data is collected and verified, the TEP team will share the analysis with the CAC to inform future discussions to develop service concepts.  These discussions may take place over a series of sessions focused on different geographic areas, however, once the data collection period is completed, we may find that the volume of data warrants a different approach.  

Two Early Action Pilots are underway.  A Lifeline Grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has been secured for operator overtime to help fill runs and address operational issues on the 29-Sunset cross-town bus route.  The second pilot is an on-time performance study focusing on incremental improvements made to the J-Church.  A major part of the effort is to control trains that depart early by mentoring inspectors to take a more active role in interacting with drivers to manage departure time. SFMTA encourages more people who ride the J-Church at least four times a week to observe and report their experiences. The progress of these pilots will be shared at upcoming meetings.

Sally Allen, of the Controller�s Office, listed the outreach efforts expanding existing communications with the public.  The March youth and family forums was the first step to move beyond the briefings, mailing list, website, and surveys. The TEP team is working with the Mayor�s Office on Disability to make the TEP public participation processes more accessible to seniors and people with disabilities.  CAC members are encouraged support these communication efforts, by posting articles about the TEP in their newsletters or have a TEP team member speak at their membership meetings. The TEP team held recent briefings with the Board of Supervisors aides and Mayor�s staff. Finally, a press conference for local media was held to clarify the scope of the TEP and distinguish it from other efforts happening concurrently at SFMTA.

The anticipated schedule for the following two rounds of public workshops is fall 2007 and winter 2008.  The fall 2007 series will present draft service concepts to the public.  The service concepts will build on the findings of market research, service assessment and operations review. The winter 2008 series will present the final service plan concept with the operations/financial plan.  

The TEP team will be presenting an overview presentation of the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Cost Model to TEP committees in May.

CAC Member Comments


Russ Chisholm from TMD provided an overview of the service evaluation in progress, the mechanics of the APCs and some preliminary findings based on APC data from 24 lines completed to date and data from other sources.  Service evaluation is a critical part of identifying ways to improve performance and financial stability, and make service faster and more convenient in a way that reflects current and future travel patterns.  The ultimate outcome will be an action plan that helps SFMTA move forward with improvements over the next five to seven years. Russ reviewed a number of maps and findings that show a �snap shot� of how the network functions now based on data collected to date.  More findings will be presented this summer.  SFMTA will be exploring ways to make this data more available to the public such as through the web site, and welcomes CAC member suggestions.  

CAC Member Comments