The following is a summary of the twelfth meeting of the SFTEP Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP). The semi-structured meeting included an update on key project activities and a discussion on the proposed charter amendment, for which Judson True from the SFMTA was available to answer questions. The discussion led to the tabling of the discussion of strategies for increasing Muni speed until September. The meeting concluded with an opportunity for public comment.



CAC Members/Alternates


Project Team/ Other Staff

Becky Evans, Sierra Club

Bert Hill, Bicycle Advisory Committee

Bob Planthold, Senior Action Network

Brian J. Larkin, SFCTA Citizen Advisory Committee

Daniel Murphy, SFMTA Citizens� Advisory Council

David Pilpel, Sierra Club

Gary Noguera, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods

Howard Strassner, Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

Joan Downey, SFMTA Citizens� Advisory Council

Norman Rolfe, SF Tomorrow

Steve Ferrario, SFMTA Citizens� Advisory Council

Mark Salomon, Coalition for Transit Justice

David Snyder, SPUR

Eric P. Scott



Julie Kirschbaum

Peter Straus

Judson True


Controller�s Office

Liz Garcia


TEP Consultant Team

Laura McVittie





Status of Key Activities

The project team has been meeting with SFMTA staff to analyze the data from the service assessment.  Key findings will be shared with CAC members in September.  Broad citywide outreach to get input on the service concepts will occur throughout the fall and early winter, district by district.  The team will begin community briefings as early as November. Over the next 4-8 weeks, the team will use the operations review to create concrete recommendations with action plans along various funding scenarios. The following recommendations were made by the CAC members:


Service Evaluation Data

Projecting individual data files on the screen, Julie Kirschbaum demonstrated how to read the series of charts and maps displaying data for each individual bus route.  The data displayed was collected between Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.  This effort preceded the opening of the T-Third, though efforts on rail and lines that have had changes are underway.  Once the data is available for CAC member distribution, the team looks forward to hearing about any errors or questions CAC members may notice in the data tables or maps.  CAC members offered the following and comments:




Julie Kirshbaum presented a summary of the public outreach efforts and discussed issues with the committee.



The project team has completed about 30 presentations to community groups. The on-line survey collected responses from about 3,000 individuals.  The more recent TEP survey for seniors and persons with disabilities has just been closed. Both will be analyzed and the results will be shared at a future meeting.  Comments from the committee included the following:


Employee Outreach (In-reach)

In-reach activities are numerous; they include inserting TEP newsletter articles in paycheck envelopes, providing briefings to management, presentations to divisions, providing opportunities for employees to fill out surveys, organizing round table discussions in break or meeting rooms, and riding along with (shadowing) operators.  The variety of opportunities will enable staff to learn more about the project and to provide their expertise in a way that is most comfortable and convenient for them to do so.  In-reach is continuing with the cable car barns, tabling at the bus rodeo, and station agent interviews.  


The second phase of in-reach is underdevelopment.  The draft service concepts will be shared with the employees and the team will host an internal town hall meeting and implement voicemail �blasts,� (recorded messages).


The CAC members had the following comments and questions:


Comments on Phase II of Employee In-reach.




Judson True, the Local Government Affairs Manager for the SFMTA, attended the meeting to help answer questions about the proposed charter amendment.

The charter amendment would provide more funding for SFMTA and more decision-making power to its Board.  Judson acknowledged his need to be careful with his responses so as to avoid violating the strict laws limiting what departments may say about ballot measures that might affect them.


The committee raised and discussed the following questions and concerns:







Alternate Dates and Times

         Liz will send out a reminder email soliciting alternate CAC meeting dates when needed. 


Future Meeting Topics

         Strategies to increase Muni speed (September)

         Reviewing speed maps of all the routes

         Discussion of the Mayor�s Revenue Panel Committee work

         A presentation about the Fare Free Muni Feasibility Analysis

         Discussion about the recent poll of downtown businesses funding Muni