San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project (SFTEP)



SFTEP Policy Advisory Group Meeting

April 18, 2007

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

City Hall, Room 278


PAG Members

         Wil Din, SFMTA Board of Directors

         Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., SFMTA

         Ed Harrington, Controller’s Office

         Boe Hayward (for Bevan Dufty, SF Board of Supervisors)

         Kevin Hughes, IBEW, Local 6

         Glenda Lavigne, TWU Local 200

         Irwin Lum, TWU Local 250-A

         Jose LuisMoscovich SFCTA

         Dan Murphy, SFMTA CAC

         Tom Radulovich, TEP CAC

         Ann Flemer (for Steve Heminger, MTC)


Julie Kirschbaum

Peter Straus

Britt Tanner

Judson True


Controller’s Office Staff

Sally Allen

Liz Garcia

Peg Stevenson


TEP Consultant Team

Russ Chisholm, TMD





Julie Kirschbaum reviewed the status of the two active Early Action pilots and the Operations Review and public outreach activities.��


The first active pilot is the on time improvement study of the J-Church.Over a period of 120 days, incremental improvements will be made to the J-Church rail line to study their relative impacts. Improvements include control of the rail cars departures (both early and late), parking control officer (PCO) enforcement of double parking and any potential rail blockages, signal adjustments, and potential parking reconfigurations and yellow zone installations. ��The progress seen to date is a 72% improvement during the a.m. peak period.


The second active pilot is a run time adjustment study of motor coach route 29.

“Run time” is the time in minutes that it takes for the transit vehicle to go from the start to the finish of its route and is a measure of the average speed of the vehicle on that route.Funded by an MTC lifeline grant, this study will look at the scheduled run time of this route, fill each run as scheduled and then determine whether or not the scheduled run time needs to be increased.This study reflects the type of review we expect to conduct for all Muni lines through the TEP.


The Operations Review will look at division management and workforce planning.It will answer questions such as:

Findings will be shared once complete.


The next meeting will include a presentation of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Cost Model. The consultant, AECOM is working with SFMTA’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sonali Bose to develop this tool, which will allow the Agency to look at the per unit cost of providing a certain level of service.


Public outreach activities have continued, including, most recently, a brownbag for the Mayor’s staff and supervisorial aides.Thank you to Boe Hayward for helping to turn out the folks.The TEP team will also be hosting a session similar to the one organized for the TEP Family Public Transit Forum at the Department of Children, Youth and their Families’ State of the City's Children Summit on April 19th.


PAG Member Comments





Russ Chisholm from TMD provided an overview of the service evaluation in progress, the mechanics of the Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs) and some preliminary findings based on APC data from 24 lines completed to date and data from other sources.�� Service evaluation is a critical part of identifying ways to make service faster and more convenient in a way that reflects current and future travel patterns.The ultimate outcome will be an action plan that helps SFSFMTA move forward with improvements over the next five to seven years. Russ reviewed a number of maps and findings that show a “snap shot” of how the network functions now based on data collected to date.Maps will allow for a review of service during peak commute hours, in the evening and during the late night, or owl, service. Findings will be shared in a variety of ways, for example, on the project website, at public meetings and at future committee meetings.This data will help determine the health of the system and suggest where adjustments can be made to the route or to the scheduled running time.SFSFMTA will be exploring ways to make this data accessible to the public and welcomes PAG member suggestions.��


PAG Member Comments






Bob Planthold testified to Julie Kirschbaum’s competency as TEP Program Manager.


Peg Stevenson highlighted the release of the City Survey which includes how City residents feel about Muni.The report can be accessed on the web. [1]

Supervisor Bevan Dufty has called for a hearing on the City Survey in the next few weeks.




The next PAG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16, 2007 from 9am-11:00am in room 278 of City Hall.