San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project (SFTEP)



SFTEP Policy Advisory Group Meeting

July 18, 2007

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

City Hall, Room 278


Following is a summary of the July 18th meeting of the SFTEP Policy Advisory Group (PAG) for the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP). This meeting focused almost exclusively on a presentation summarizing the draft findings of the Muni Operations Review.




PAG Members/Alternates

     Win Din, SFMTA Board

     Boe Hayward (for Bevan Dufty, SF Board of Supervisors)

     Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr., SFMTA

     Ed Harrington, Controller’s Office

     Glenda Lavigne, TWU Local 200

     Irwin Lum, TWU Local 250A

     Joanna Fraguli, Mayor’s Office on Disability

     Daniel Murphy, SFMTA CAC

     Leah Shahum, SFMTA Board

     Stuart Sunshine, Mayor’s Office



Julie Kirschbaum

Maggie Lynch

Ken McDonald

Judy Tam

Britt Tanner


Controller’s Office Staff


Sally Allen

Peg Stevenson

TEP Consultant Team


Russ Chisholm, TMD





Russ Chisholm presented draft preliminary findings from a review of Muni operations, covering three broad areas:

         Service Planning and Scheduling

         Division Management

         Field Service Management


The presentation emphasized system reliability as the number one issue.Preliminary recommendations for achieving reliability include a multi-pronged effort focused on increased staffing in critical functions, and procurement and deployment of new technologies (e.g., radio system, train control system).This report will continue to be refined as findings are shared with stakeholders and the SFMTA Board.


PAG Member Comments


        Fleet availability will be key.

        Consider creating a staffing model based on either generic or real numbers to see what the cost is for a full staff.

        Map out issues of the next 2 to 5 years to document improvements and the TEP along with timelines, due dates, and what is to be accomplished.

        The number of days for operator sick leave per annum looks inaccurate.Please double check to see why it is so high.

        SFMTA’s next step should be to map out a five-year work plan and budget to address these findings. Some recommendations are already being addressed (e.g., including more scheduling staff in the FY08 budget).

        It would be helpful for project staff to provide a master schedule of all TEP findings and recommendations, with an estimated timeline and budget.





TEP Program Manager Julie Kirschbaum presented the survey developed with the Mayor’s Office on Disability for seniors and persons with disabilities. This survey will help inform the project about the transit needs of these stakeholders and the purposes for which they are using public transit.The survey results will inform TEP service planning efforts as will, the Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) data on the wheelchair lift deployments.



PAG Member Comments

        We are looking forward to the service assessment data.





Thank you to those who participated in the June 30, 2007 Mayor’s Community Policy Forum on Transportation held in Chinatown.The community really appreciated the outreach and more information about the TEP.





The next PAG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, 2007 from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM in room 278 of City Hall.[1]In-reach and outreach will be an item on the next agenda.



[1] NOTE: The August meeting was cancelled due to planned absences among a number of PAG members.