PAG Members

     Win Din, SFMTA Board

     Boe Hayward, SF Board of Supervisors Aide

     Bevan Dufty, SF Board of Supervisors

     Steve Ferrario, SFMTA CAC

     Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr., SFMTA

     Ed Harrington, Controller�s Office

     Kevin Hughes, Local 6

     Glenda Lavigne, TWU Local 200

     Irwin Lum, TWU Local 250A

     Peter Mezey, SFMTA Board

     Susan Mizner, Mayor�s Office on Disability

     Jose Luis M�scovich, SFCTA

     Tom Radulovich, TEP CAC

     Leah Shahum, SFMTA Board

     Stuart Sunshine, Mayor�s Office


Julie Kirschbaum

Maggie Lynch

Carter Rohan

Judy Tam


Judson True


Controller�s Office Staff

Sally Allen

Liz Garcia

Peg Stevenson

TEP Consultant Team

Russ Chisholm, TMD



Bob Planthold

Rachel Gordon




TEP Program Manager Julie Kirschbaum reviewed the status of key TEP activities.This week the project team is starting a series of brainstorming sessions with the consultants to develop draft service concepts based on the data collected to-date.The anticipated date for completion of the TEP study is February 2008.


We will be hosting a series of four public workshops in late October to continue the dialogue with the public and to share key findings to date.Locations include the Excelsior, Inner Sunset, Mission District and the Civic Center.The TEP team and the SFMTA Communications Department have been working with supervisors and utilizing various forms of media to expand our outreach efforts.


A summary of results of the TEP Survey for Seniors and People with Disabilities will be shared with the PAG in October.This summary will also be presented to the Muni Accessibility Advisory Committee and the Mayor�s Disability Council later this week.






Russ Chisholm presented the findings of the Service Assessment, focusing on the following aspects:

  • Ridership
  • Service Quality
  • Service Performance


The presentation included the analysis of all data collected through the Automatic Passenger Counters (APC) and how it will be used to inform the service development framework.Currently the light rail data is being processed and the cable car data is being collected.The data shows where people are taking public transit, where service quality needs improvement, where service is over and under utilized, and where service is financially effective.The key findings in this presentation will be shared at the October public workshops.The draft framework will be shared at a future PAG meeting.


PAG Member Comments:


  • The street car (F-line) numbers look low.Please double check the data.
  • Anticipate changes in the city before segmenting and rearranging routes.
  • SFMTA should keep in contact with other agencies to keep up with what is going on and to keep the group posted.
  • It would be helpful to compare the low-floor buses verses ramps.
  • Please check on the capacity numbers for light rail vehicles and street cars.
  • It is important to look at Stockton Street again and find the post 15-line effects on other bus lines.
  • With regards to cost per passenger, shorter trip equals more fare; therefore, longer trips may not be as good.
  • It is important to re-evaluate stop spacing because it changes people�s access and removes delay.Different spacing should be used for different types of service.
  • The maps used in this presentation should be shared with the Better Streets Plan for use regarding transfers.
  • Having the BART data would be useful to look at Fast pass riders within the city.
  • It would be helpful to see if backdoor boarding does reduce delay. Are there any studies on this?
  • If we did a pilot, I�m afraid that we�d confuse riders. Please think through this carefully and consider having additional staff members available to help load and provide information.




Bob Planthold spoke, noting that the direction of the meeting�s conversation showed both neglect and oversight of the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.He promised to send more comments to PAG members by e-mail.




The next PAG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, 2007 from 9:00 AM � 11:00 AM in City Hall, Room 278.