San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project (SFTEP)


SFTEP Policy Advisory Group Meeting

November 15, 2007

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

City Hall, Room 201


PAG Members

      Win Din, SFMTA Board

      Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr., SFMTA

      Ed Harrington, Controller�s Office

      Steve Heminger, MTC

      Kevin Hughes, Local 6

      Glenda Lavigne, TWU Local 200

      Irwin Lum, TWU Local 250A

      Peter Mezey, SFMTA Board

      Susan Mizner, Mayor�s Office on Disability

      Jose Luis M�scovich, SFCTA

      Daniel Murphy, SFMTA CAC

      Tom Radulovich, TEP CAC

      Leah Shahum, SFMTA Board

      Stuart Sunshine, Mayor�s Office


Julie Kirschbaum

Peter Straus

Judy Tam

Britt Tanner

Controller�s Office Staff

Sally Allen

Peg Stevenson

TEP Consultant Team

Russ Chisholm, TMD


Bob Planthold


Julie Kirschbaum reviewed the status of public outreach activities, the service evaluation data, and the double deck bus pilot program.

The second round of public workshops was completed in October and was attended by over 200 participants at four events. The input collected from the workshops will provide additional guidance for the service development framework currently in its initial stage of development. The TEP draft proposals will be shared at a third series of public workshops in the spring. In January and February, the TEP team will seek to implement �quick–fixes� in response to operator suggestions gathered as part of the SFMTA in-reach campaign.

All bus ridership data is now on the SFTEP website; the rail data is under review and will be posted shortly. TEP team and consultants are about to begin the proposal brainstorming stage, which will start later today with the TEP Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) four-hour drop-in session for members to present their ideas and feedback on findings to date.

The SFMTA will have the opportunity to run a pilot for three weeks to assess how a double deck bus works and if it is suitable for the Muni system. We will share more information about this effort as it gets underway.


Russ Chisholm presented the draft TEP Service Development Framework for discussion. The framework recommends improvements in reliability and service management, and focuses transit service on markets to help build ridership and do more with existing SFMTA resources. The framework divides the service network into tiers: the core Muni network, which includes Rapid service and Local service, Community Connectors, and Special Markets.


Julie Kirschbaum led PAG members in a discussion regarding key policy issues that have emerged as this framework has been developed[MSOffice1] . The following are comments PAG members provided for each question posed for discussion:

1. PAG members and SFMTA will have ongoing commitment to achieve needed service reliability and Prop E quality targets.

2. In response to full service coverage and market-based service, PAG members provided the following suggestions:

3. Modes should be prioritized based on corridor and street in the following order: cycling and walking, transit, and cars. There needs to be data to support the differences and disadvantages such as transit time and trade-offs.

4. Stop spacing will be discussed at the next PAG meeting.

5 and 6. Members and the SFMTA will commit to providing increases in service as ridership grows, as well as providing the necessary funding to operate faster, increased service beyond current levels. Based on voters� positive feedback on Proposition A, the public will likely support this effort as well.



The next PAG meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 13, 2007, 3:00pm-5:00pm at 1 South Van Ness (3rd Floor). This is a different date, time and place than our regularly scheduled meetings.

 [MSOffice1]Cut and paste policy questions from PPT.