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Historic Streetcar Access | Boarding and Exiting at Wayside Platforms | Boarding and Exiting at Wayside Lifts

Historic Streetcar Access

Muni provides streetcar service on the F-Line using historic streetcars from the early part of the last century. The historic fleet includes cars that were originally designed under the direction of the Electric Railway Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) and were in service in various US cities (including New York, New Orleans, St Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Newark and Philadelphia). Each car’s color scheme represents a different city. There are a number of cars that were used in Milan, Italy, as well as some antique streetcars from around the world (Australia, England, Italy, Japan, Russia, Portugal and Germany) that run only along The Embarcadero.

All of the streetcars have been refurbished and modified to provide two wheelchair securement areas. Along The Embarcadero, and on Market Street between Van Ness Avenue and Castro Street, there is an accessible wayside boarding platform at every stop. Between Van Ness Avenue and Steuart accessible stops are located at key locations along Market Street. Traveling inbound on Market Street, there are wayside platforms at 7th, 3rd, Main and Steuart Street. Outbound on Market Street, wayside platforms are at Steuart, Kearny, Hyde and Van Ness Avenue.

Three accessible F-line stops have mechanical lifts to raise the passenger to the level of the car floor. Traveling inbound, the lifts are located at Market & Church Street, Market & 5th Street and Market & 1st Street.

Photograph of woman in manual wheelchair using wayside platform and bridge plate to board Muni historic streetcar.  Streetcar operator is shown assisting her in boarding.

Wheelchair user boarding historic streetcar

Boarding and Exiting at Wayside Platforms

Go up the ramp to the wayside platform to wait for a streetcar. When the streetcar arrives, the operator will deploy a portable bridge plate between the car and the platform to allow you to cross into the car. Immediately upon boarding, let the operator know your destination stop, and whether you need help with the securements. Proceed to one of the securement areas. With the exception of Milan cars, there are stop request buttons next to each securement area.

Boarding and Exiting at Wayside Lifts

Wayside lifts are separated from the boarding island by a gate, and they remain in the lowered position when not in use. To use a lift, go through the gate and wait for a streetcar on the lift platform.

Locate the control button (on your left when facing the car). When the street car arrives, push and hold the up button to raise the lift. You must press the button continuously or the lift will stop moving. Customers who are unable to press and hold the button may ask the streetcar operator to raise and lower the lift from inside the car. Note that the lift will not operate until the train stops next to the platform.

When the lift reaches the level of the streetcar floor, the operator will open the vehicle door, and then open the gate between the lift and the streetcar. The gate will not open unless the lift is completely raised.

The operator will then lay down a bridge plate to allow you to cross from the lift into the streetcar.

When exiting the streetcar at a wayside lift, the operator will raise the lift from inside the vehicle, open the vehicle door and the lift gate then deploy the bridge. Once on the lift platform, press the down button continuously until the platform has lowered completely. The lift gate will not open unless the lift is restored fully to the down position. Please let the streetcar operator know if you cannot press the button to lower the lift.

Diagram of Muni F Line Historic streetcar route in downtown San Francisco showing all stops including those made accessible by wayside platforms and lifts. Diagram also indicates the location of non-accessible boarding locations.

Map of Muni Metro F Line from 17th and Castro to Jones and Beach showing accessible wayside platforms and lifts.

The pink inset region is displayed below in greater detail.

Detailed Diagram of F Line Historic streetcar line on Lower Market Street in San Francisco showing stops made accessible by wayside platforms and lifts as well as non-accessible boarding locations. Diagram also shows the location of Muni Metro / BART Stations along Market Street and their access elevators.

Map of F Line in lower Market from Market and Gough to The Embarcadero showing Historic Streetcar, Metro / BART Stations, elevators, accessible wayside platforms and lifts.

For additional information and a listing of all of the accessible F Line stops visit SFMTA Accessible Services online, or call the San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center


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