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Work Order with Narratives

Fiscal Years 2010-11 and 2011-12

Subobject Subobject Title 2009-2010 Amended Budget 2010-2011 Board Adopted Budget 2011-2012 Board Adopted Budget 2010-2011 Compared to 2009-2010 Amended Budget Increase/(Decrease) 2011-2012 Compared to 2010-2011 Board Adopted Budget Increase/(Decrease)
08199MISC DEPARTMENT (AAO)-DISCONTINUED(2,000,000)002,000,000-100.0%00.0%
This negative appropriation was budgeted as a cost reduction adjustment in FY 2010 and is taken out of the budget in FY 2011.
081BDGF-BOARD OF SUPERVISORS028,32228,32228,322100.0%00.0%
This line item is the Board Of Supervisor membership fees allocated to the SFMTA.
081BISR-BUILDING INSPECTION43,25743,25743,25700.0%00.0%
The Department of Building Inspections (DBI) identifies buildings potentially subject to fees and provides notification to the SFMTA of proposed developments. The budget supports 50% of the salary and fringe benefit costs of a 1408 Principal Clerk in DBI.
081C0GF-CON-MANAGEMENT SERVICES52,57552,57552,57500.0%00.0%
The appropriation funds the Budget and Performance Measurement System managed by the Controller’s Office. The amount reflects the shared cost allocated to the
081C3GF-CON-FINANCIAL SYSTEMS389,254389,254389,25400.0%00.0%
The appropriation reflects the cost allocated to the SFMTA by the Controller's Office for using City's financial system such as FAMIS and ADPICS. The budget is based on the number of users from each department.
081C4GF-CON-INTERNAL AUDITS1,524,0791,539,6271,539,62715,5481.0%00.0%
This appropriation funds the required annual or intermittent audits performed on SFMTA's programs and projects by the Controller’s office. The scope of work includes but is not limited to: Transit Effectiveness Program, parking garages, parking revenues, Parking and Traffic projects, taxi programs, and other annual or semi-annual audits. The budget also includes costs for post-audit reporting and administrative overhead charges.
081C5IS-TIS-ISD SERVICES280,95236,15136,151(244,801)-87.1%00.0%
This appropriation funds all passthrough costs for products and services purchased and delivered through the Department of Technology. Examples of the services and products include but are not limited to: work stations, software license and maintenance agreements, system upgrades, telecom equipment and installation, and wiring from moves, additions and changes. For FY 2011 and FY 2012, the Controller’s Office has adjusted the base amount allocation to SFMTA’s work order budget.
This appropriation funds the City’s one-stop customer service call center 311 system under the General Services Agency. The customer representatives assist callers with information on bus route and schedules, lost-and-found, complaints, broken parking meter reports, problem traffic signs, abandoned vehicle reports, color-curb applications, blocked driveways, customized reporting, street pothole reports, and property tax information. The SFMTA is generating around 62% of the total calls handled by the 311 call center and the percentage is applied to the center's total direct operating cost to arrive at the portion allocated to the SFMTA.
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