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Expenditure By Sub-Fund With Narratives

Fiscal Years 2010-11 and 2011-12

Object Object Title 2009-2010 Amended Budget 2010-2011 Board Adopted Budget 2011-2012 Board Adopted Budget 2010-2011 Compared to 2009-2010 Amended Budget Increase/(Decrease) 2011-2012 Compared to 2010-2011 Board Adopted Budget Increase/(Decrease)
001PERMANENT SALARIES-MISC4,512,1224,340,0794,428,191(172,043) -3.8%88,1122.0%
This appropriation funds salary costs for budgeted positions within this organizational area. Changes in salary appropriation for miscellaneous employees for FY 2010-2011 and FY 2011-2012 can be attributed to the following budget process: the annualization of positions funded in FY 2009-2010’s budget; position transfers and reclassifications within the department to reflect the Agency’s latest organizational structure; position elimination and defunding to close SFMTA’s projected budget deficits; and a giveback of 12 unpaid furlough days per year for the next two years based on the collective bargaining agreements by most unions included in the Public Employees Committee (PEC).
009PREMIUM PAY26,53426,53426,53400.0%00.0%
Premium pay levels are established under various labor agreements for various types of schedules including working night shifts, providing supervision, performing work out of regular assignments and operating specialized equipment.
This line item reflects the budget to cover vacancies, absences, unscheduled work, emergency service coverage and special service requirements.
012HOLIDAY PAY48,66348,66348,66300.0%00.0%
This line item reflects the budget to compensate those employees who are scheduled to work on City holidays.
TOTAL SALARIES4,631,8584,459,8154,547,927(172,043)-3.7%88,1122.0%
013RETIREMENT720,050800,841748,61480,79111.2%(52,227) -6.5%
Calculated by the Controller’s Office, this line item includes the cost of contributions the City makes to the Employee Retirement System for the positions budgeted in this organizational area. The budget includes two types of contributions: the employer retirement contribution and the participating employee-paid retirement contribution picked up by the City for certain labor unions based on the labor agreements between the City and those unions.For FY 2010-2011, the employer retirement contribution rate for the City Miscellaneous Retirement for all classifications is 13.56% of the payroll cost; the rate for FY 2011-2012 is 16.50%. The increase in retirement costs is attributed to lower projected earnings in retirement assets and a projected growth rate in successive years.
014SOCIAL SECURITY351,201337,234343,993(13,967) -4.0%6,7592.0%
This appropriation funds mandatory employer contributions. The rates for the two-year budget are estimated to be, 6.20% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare. These amounts are calculated by the Controller’s Office.
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