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Seniors, people with disabilities and Medicare card holders are eligible to pay the discounted cash fare to ride Muni with a valid ID. Fares are subject to change; for current fare information call 311 or visit

Photograph of SFMTA customer service center at 11 South Van Ness.

SFMTA Customer Service Center at 11 South Van Ness Ave

For seniors, proof of eligibility includes:

  • Valid Regional Transit Connection Discount Card.
  • Driver’s license or California ID.
  • Government issued passport.

Image of Muni Senior monthly pass.

SFMTA Senior Fast Pass

For people with disabilities proof of eligibility includes:

  • Valid Regional Transit Connection Discount ID.
  • DMV parking placard registration plus valid photo ID.
  • Transit Discount ID issued by another transit agency in California plus valid photo ID.

For Medicare card holders, proof of eligibility includes:

  • Medicare card plus valid photo ID.

Sample Medicare card

Sample Medicare card

The cash fare is valid for one trip and a transfer that can be used for up to 90 minutes. A monthly Fast Pass for seniors and a discount fare sticker for RTC card holders are also available. The discount fare sticker must be affixed to the face of the RTC card for it to be valid.

Monthly Fast Passes and stickers are available for sale at the following city facilities:

  • SFMTA Customer Service Center, 11 South Van Ness Avenue.
  • Powell and Market cable car ticket booth.
  • Hyde and Beach cable car ticket booth.
  • City Hall Payment Center, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

Passes and stickers can also be purchased at a variety of stores and community centers throughout the city. Fast Pass users can find a list of vendors or purchase passes or stickers online at

Regional Transit ID Card

Muni participates in the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card Program, which provides discounts for seniors (65 years of age and over) and persons with a qualifying disability.

Applicants for the RTC card may seek “basic” or “medical” eligibility.

Customers will have basic eligibility for the RTC card if they have one of the following documents:

  • Medicare card (not Medi-Cal).
  • California DMV placard or valid registration for a parking placard;
  • Other Transit Agency or Visitor Card issued by another California transit agency.
  • Proof of Age – 65 or older.
  • Proof of Veterans Disability – A Service Connected Disability ID Card or Veteran’s Administration Certification demonstrating a disability rating for aid and attendance, or a service-connected disability with a rating level of 50% or higher.

Image of Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount ID with name and photograph of ID holder, the expiration date of the ID and embedded Translink chip.

RTC Discount Card with inset TransLink® chip

In the absence of one of the documents establishing basic eligibility, customers may apply for medical eligibility by having a licensed medical professional complete a form certifying a qualifying disability which is sent to the processing agency. Customer applications will not be processed unless this form has been submitted.

New applicants must submit applications in person at the Muni RTC ID Office (415.923.6070; TTY 415.701.4730), or to another regional office. AC Transit’s ID office is located at 1600 Franklin Street in Oakland (510.891.4706, TTY 510.428.2266). BART’s RTC ID office is at Lake Merritt BART station in Oakland (510.464.7133, TTY 510.839.2218).

Applicants must provide valid photo ID and a nonrefundable $3 processing fee. Acceptable forms of identification include a current driver’s license, California ID card, passport, Alien Registration card, a Military or Military Dependant ID or a Mexican Consulate ID card. If applying for basic eligibility applicants must also show one of the documents listed above. Please call the Muni Discount ID office (415.923.6070) for an application or for office location.

More information about the Discount ID as well as downloadable forms for new applications, replacements and renewals can be found at

RTC ID office staff will take a digital photograph of the applicant and submit the photo and application to a central processing agency, where eligibility will be verified. Your card will be mailed within 21 days. The card will be valid for up to 3 years. Customers who have a permanent disability (indicated by a “P” on the card) may renew by mail. Customers without the permanent disability designation on their card will need to reapply once their card has expired. There is a nonrefundable renewal fee of $3.

Visitors to the Bay Area who have a valid transit discount ID from another California transit agency are eligible to receive a courtesy RTC Discount ID card for the same period of time that their current card is valid, or for up to three years, whichever is less. At the end of this period visitors may apply for basic or medical eligibility.

Visitors with a valid transit discount ID card from outside of California may submit a completed basic eligibility application form to receive a visitor ID card valid for three months. Those planning to visit for longer than three months must apply for basic or medical eligibility. The cost of a Visitor ID is $3 (nonrefundable). Replacements for lost or damaged RTC cards may be obtained for a nonrefundable $5 fee. Customers should first  contact the Muni Discount ID office to see if their lost card has been returned. Call 415.923.6070 to request a replacement application or go into the Muni Discount ID office to fill out an application and pay the fee.

Customers may download a card replacement form at and request a replacement card by mail.

RTC Cards and TransLink

As of August 2009, all RTC cards issued by the central processing agency have been smart cards that can be used with the TransLink® fare payment system. TransLink was implemented on Muni in 2009.

The RTC / TransLink cards can be used as ID to pay discounted cash fare or with a monthly sticker. When using TransLink on the Muni system, the value of the monthly sticker may be loaded on the RTC card.

Note: Do not punch a hole in an RTC / TransLink card to attach a lanyard as this will damage the card.

Disabled monthly sticker that must be applied to RTC Discount ID card.  The sticker by itself cannot be used as a pass.

Disabled Monthly Pass / Sticker

Proof of Payment

Proof of payment (POP) is required on all Metro lines. When entering the paid area of a Metro station or boarding a train on the surface, passengers must have physical proof of fare payment. Valid forms of POP include a paper transfer, a Fast Pass or Discount ID with a fare sticker. Tickets and transfers must be valid for the entire time customers are within the Metro system. Passengers boarding a train on the surface without POP must board the first door of the train to pay the cash fare and get a transfer.

Fare inspectors routinely ride all Metro lines to enforce the proof of payment policy. Customers unable to show an inspector POP on request may be cited.

Photograph of Muni transfer / fare receipt being dispensed from a Muni fare gate that shows the proof of payment logo. All passengers must hold on to their transfers as proof that they have paid their fare.

Transfer dispensed from Muni station fare gate

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