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Industry procedures

This section is for members of the public who wish to learn more about how to become a San Francisco taxi driver or medallion holder.  Taxi industry members can access various forms and procedures in this section. 


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Procedures for Color Scheme Change, Dispatch Change and Medallion Application Hearings

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors adopted new procedures for processing color scheme change, dispatch change and medallion applications.  The following are new hearing and approval procedures for color scheme changes, dispatch changes and medallion applications. 

Color Scheme Change and Dispatch Change Applications

  1. Completed applications for color scheme change and dispatch changes are due by the first Friday of every month.
  2. Notice of the color scheme change or dispatch change applications will be posted by the second Friday on the Taxi website and the Main Public Library.  Transportation Code §1121(a).
  3. Approved color scheme change and dispatch change applications will be effective the first business day of the following month.

Medallion Applications

  1. Applicants for a medallion will have 45 days total from the date of the offer letter to submit completed applications, all the required supporting documents and take the written test.  Transportation Code § 1104(c)(2)
  2. SFMTA Taxi Services will review the materials and provide the results of the investigation after application requirements are fulfilled.
  3. Medallion applications will be heard the second and fourth Friday of each month according to the order in which they are received.
  4. Notice of the permit application will be posted on the Taxi Services website and the Main Public Library at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled hearing.  Transportation Code § 1121(a).
  5. If the Taxi Services requests additional materials to establish qualifications for the medallion, the applicant must furnish additional materials within 60 days of the date of Taxi Service’s notice to the applicant.
  6. If additional material requested by the SFMTA is not provided within 60 days of the request, the application shall be deemed inactive.  Transportation Code § 1117(b).
  7. If the application is deemed inactive or if it is denied, the applicant may request a hearing by submitting a request for hearing to SFMTA within 20 business days of the date of the notice.  Transportation Code §1117(c)(2).

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