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The Transit Effectiveness Project is an on-going program that aims to improve service reliability, reduce travel time on transit, and improve customer experiences and service efficiency. As part of the Muni Rapid vision, and in conjunction with other Muni programs, the TEP will be the blueprint for making Muni a great transportation choice for our residents and visitors.

How will the TEP improve Muni?

Service Changes: These are proposals for route restructuring, frequency improvements, and vehicle type changes, which will direct resources where they are needed most, reducing crowding and improving connections to regional transit. Some of these service improvements require capital investment, such as new overhead wire or pedestrian improvements, to allow the bus to change routing, or to allow limited and local buses to run on the same street.

Changing routes and adjusting route frequencies to create an improved system are service improvements; there are no recommendations that reduce operating dollars. At this time, the implementation of all proposed service changes represent an increase of approximately 10 percent of total Muni operating dollars. Muni will continue to look for methods to fund operations, and the TEP recommendations will ensure that additional operating dollars are returned to routes and times that need them most. More about the service changes.

Rapid Proposals: Travel time reduction proposals along the Rapid Network, including bus stop and roadway changes, will help customers get to their destinations more quickly. For these proposals, there are no route changes proposed; these engineering changes are proposed specifically to address the delays vehicles face along their routes.

The Rapid proposals are focused to optimize each operating dollar. By reducing travel time and improving reliability, there are opportunities to save operating dollars that can be reinvested. These proposals are based on ideas from outreach or best engineering practices for transit. They are not changes to route frequency or alignment. More about the Rapid proposals.

What other programs are currently underway to improve Muni service?

Muni is pursuing other projects and programs that support TEP goals. They include network enhancements, operational improvements, and signal priority for transit. Learn more at Related Programs.  

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