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The Transit Effectiveness Project includes two types of transit improvements: Engineering Proposals on the Rapid Network and Service Changes to improve the entire system. Complementing the service proposals are Capital Improvements.

Engineering Proposals

The Rapid Network corridor proposals are a set of recommendations designed to reduce delays on the busiest bus lines and rail routes that constitute the Muni Rapid Network. These recommendations were formed through months of investigative work by SFMTA planners and engineers who examined each route individually. Through extensive field work and data analysis, the root causes of the delays were identified and recommendations to minimize these delays are proposed.

As can be expected for a surface-running transit system, some of the most significant sources of delay were from intersections, traffic congestion, narrow lanes, and closely spaced transit stops. The proposed travel time reduction proposals would implement roadway and bus stop changes to reduce delays on the transit routes in the Rapid Network. Changes include adding sidewalk extensions and boarding islands; replacing stop signs with traffic signals or other measures; transit stop changes including moving stops, eliminating stops, and adding new stops; traffic engineering changes such as adding turn lanes, turn restrictions, and transit-only lanes; and pedestrian improvements such as curb extensions and other crosswalk treatments.

Proposals are being evaluated for the following routes:

Service Proposals

The Service Changes are proposals for route restructuring, frequency improvements, and vehicle type changes, which will direct resources where they are needed most, reducing crowding and improving connections to regional transit. The proposed service changes include:

  • Creating new routes
  • Redesigning existing routes
  • Adding service to new streets
  • Eliminating unproductive existing routes or route segments
  • Changing vehicle type
  • Changing frequency and span of service
  • Changing the mix of local/limited/express service
  • Other changes, such as new express service stops, expansion of Limited-stop service to include Sundays, and the expansion of other service with the addition of days of operation.

These changes will better serve Muni customers, reflect changing travel patterns within San Francisco, provide improved connection to regional transit, and streamline routes for improved reliability and reduced delay. See a full list and associated maps of proposed changes by route.

Capital Improvements Proposals

Capital improvements needed for route restructuring include:

  • Overhead wire expansion to streets proposed for trolley service
  • Layover space expansion and pedestrian improvements to terminals and transfer points where routes are proposed to intersect
  • Road reconfiguration for a contraflow transit lane
  • Additional accessible rail platforms.

These capital improvements will be phased upon resource availability and are needed to complete the TEP proposed service changes. See a full list of capital projects associated with service changes.

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