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On Jan. 3, 2012, the SFMTA Board approved the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 - FY 2018 SFMTA Strategic Plan that represents the vision, mission, goals and objectives for the Agency.

The Strategic Plan is our commitment to set the wheels in motion for a more connected, sustainable and vibrant San Francisco by building upon the City’s Transit First policy. The most noticeable improvements from this plan will include a faster and more reliable transit system, better bicycle and walking conditions for all age groups, easier access to taxis, more vehicle and ridesharing options, smarter parking solutions and more convenient payment and information options. Moreover, the SFMTA is committed to delivering these services with a customer-focused team, building lasting relationships among all team members and with our partners. Our focus is going to be on achieving these goals in a safe, efficient and timely manner and utilizing our current resources to eliminate our structural deficit while searching for new opportunities to meet the growing needs of our residents and businesses.

Between now and July 1, 2012, the SFMTA will develop a two-year action plan to start the implementation of the Strategic Plan in the next two-year budget cycle. This will include participation by all of the different teams within the Agency to develop a series of key actions that will be led by key teams to ensure successful implementation. These actions will also be incorporated into each team and each team member’s work plans. In this way, from July 1, 2012, every SFMTA team member will have a clear work plan to achieve our strategic goals every day.

Key elements of the FY 2013 – FY 2018 SFMTA Strategic Plan

Vision: San Francisco: great city, excellent transportation choices.

Mission Statement: We work together to plan, build, operate, regulate and maintain the transportation network, with our partners, to connect communities.

Core Values:

For the Transportation Network:

  • Transit First: Transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, carsharing, and ridesharing have the highest priority
  • Complete and Green Streets: Streets are designed and managed to be attractive, inviting public spaces for people
  • Green, Clean, and Quiet Mobility: Use the greenest, most efficient, and quietest technologies available
  • Social Equity and Access: Prioritize the most affordable and accessible modes

For Our Team:

  • Leadership: Realizing and implementing the vision to the fullest
  • Teamwork: Working together in partnership to provide excellent customer service
  • Integrity: Working with the highest standards of honesty and ethics
  • Accountability: Taking joint responsibility to set and meet or exceed the Agency’s goals
  • Effectiveness: Achieving results through collaboration and efficient use of resources
  • Respect: Holding those with and for whom we work in high esteem and regard

Strategic Goals:

The Strategic Plan’s four overarching goals will shape how the Agency prioritizes its attention, resources and staff over the next six fiscal years.

1. Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.

2. Make transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, ridesharing and carsharing the preferred means of travel.

3. Improve the environment and quality of life in San Francisco.

4. Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

SFMTA Strategic Plan:

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