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Rules Committee


Conference Room 421

October 15, 2007 at 10:00 A.M.

City Hall,1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place


Present:  Breslin, Oneto

Absent:   Gillespie

Commission called the meeting to order at 10:25 A.M.

ATTENDENCE:  Deputy Director Jordanna Thigpen, Senior Assistant Danelle Carey, Commissioner Oka – Taxi Commission, Tom Owens-City Attorney, Marty Smith- Delta, Mark Gruberg- Green Cab,  Rich Hybels- Metro, Jim Gillespie- Yellow, Dan Hinds-National, Wesley Hollis-Executive, Cindy Ward-DeSoto,  Public: Carl Macmurdo, Charles Rathbone, Mike Spain

1.       Call to Order/Roll Call  

  • Com Breslin: We would like a full meeting and with all the rules members present we would like to reschedule this meeting.  We will today approve the adoption of the minutes since we have a quorum and I would like to move that up to second then move to general public comment.

2.      Adoption of Minutes from the September 24, 2007 Subcommittee Meeting.

Adopted without objection.

3.      General Public Comment (Please limit public comment to items not on the agenda)

  • Charles Rathbone: We should consider electronic paperless waybills.  NY has a paperless system that can be printed out.
  • Com Breslin: Do you know if its easy to get information to the medallion holders and drivers who need waybills?
  • Charles Rathbone: Its a computerized database that is eminently doable.  The experts are willing to discuss this.
  • Com Oneto: Can you print out waybills?
  • Charles Rathbone: yes.
  • Com Breslin: At the pleasure of the president I would like to have a presentation from this company on a regular meeting agenda. 


  • Carl Macmurdo: (Comment to Tom Owens) I thought that this committee was here to revise and figure out which rules need to be kept.  The Staff recommendations are for new rules. 
  • Tom Owens: The committee may recommend things to the full commission which will adopt them or not with regulations.
  • Com Breslin: Recommendations are not set.  Its not a rule until public comment and members of the rules committee recommended it to the full commission where they would either adopt or reject it.
  • Wesley Hollis: Owner Operators should have separate rules.  Ill be forced to retire a car that has 220 miles on it. 
  • Com Breslin: During the next meeting Jordanna, can you tell me how many taxis are solely owner operated?
  • Jordanna Thigpen: I guesstimate 10-12 but I will get the accurate number.
  • Wesley Hollis: I have a problem with the 18 inch high numbers that we have to put on our cabs.
  • Com Breslin:  I think their are a lot of safety issues involved and we can address that because its one of the rules.
  • Michael Spain: Rules were originally brought up to the TXC 6 months ago.  I feel that the rules are politically motivated by staff.
  • Mark Gruberg: There should be the opportunity for public comment on each rule.
  • Com Breslin: There will be public comment on each rule.
  • Mark Gruberg: About the electronic paperless waybills, we have to be very cautious about creating further opportunities for cheating and fraud. Any system needs protection.
  • Marty Smith: Be careful of double dipping in rules.  We should suggest the rules to the MTA board.
  • Com Breslin: Please have all your comments in sync for the next meeting, we have very limited time.  Have your comments written if possible.
  • Jordanna Thigpen: Items 4,5,6,7 continued until next meeting.
  • Com Breslin: For the next meeting put everything we intend on discussing on the agenda so we can come up with possible recommendations.

4.      Adjournment at 10:42am.



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