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Conference Room 421

September 10, 2007 at 1:00 p.m.

City Hall,1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place


Present:  Gillespie; Oneto

Absent:   Benjamin

President Gillespie called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

ATTENDENCE:  Executive Director Heidi Machen, Executive Secretary Tamara Odisho – Taxi Commission, Vandana Bali- Department of Environment, Tony Singh-Toyota, Cindy Ward- DeSoto, Marty Smith- Delta, Mark Gruberg- Green Cab,  Vlad – united, Doug Cameron- Clean Energy, Joe Mirable- Public, Tom Stanghellini- Luxor Cab, Dan Hinds- National, John James- SF Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Rich Hybels- Metro, Hal Melligard- Yellow.

1.      Call to Order/Roll Call

2.      Introductions [INFORMATION]

3.      General Public Comment (Please limit public comment to items not on the agenda)

  • Pres Gillespie: Discussed mission of working group. Passed out sheet with vehicle comparisons.  Wants consensus on the numbers using in order to set the goals.  Hopes average green house gas emission works by 2011 goal.
  • Joe Mirable: two games tonight, lots of traffic lots of emission.  Hybrids would be best in such situations.  2011 all green fleet ahead on NC. Water resource is an issue snow pack melting earlier in Sierra- Nevada.
  • Tony Singh: Japan created hybrid in 1997. 2001 hybrid born.  Small SF store but #1 in US. Focus is on clean air. Hybrid Camrys being produced in Subaru plant. Prius most attractive 2nd to the Camry. Large service center at 4th and 5th at Geary.
  • Hal Melligard: Yellow involved in purchasing. Largest hybrid and CNG fleet.  Time frame should be set, already purchased vehicles.
  • Rich Hybels: Repair bills expensive, parts will be an issue.  Comfort is a concern.
  • Cindy Ward: has most to lose, because of Chrysler relationship. Practical implementations dealer vs off market parts will be an issue.  Mechanics cannot use parts from other vehicles.
  • Pres Gillespie: Would like Chrysler at future meetings. Understands DeSoto’s relationship. What are the other vehicles in fleet?
  • Cindy Ward: Van business important to DeSoto. Average 120 requests for vans not ramp. Those too are issues that should be addressed. Intrepids are no longer being used. Representatives will attend the next meeting.
  • John James:  Group needs to define clean fleet.  Will Toyota lease for taxis?
  • Pres Gillespie: How are Ford and Toyota going to help the industry?
  • John James: Warranty work will be done at mechanic shop.
  • Marty Smith: Driver do not want to purchase CNG or hybrid until they are required to. It costs less to buy CNG, burns cleaners. We can’t make the same mistake with London cabs.
  • Dan Hinds: Sustainability less with newer cars must set realistic goals. Anything gasoline is bad.  How are we realistically going to meet the goals? Payment for financing is important. Hybrids/CNG are the future.
  • Mark Gruberg: NY and SF leading the country in the way on alternative fuels and emissions. Stock piling of vehicles not good idea, it won’t make the problem go away. 
  • Pres Gillespie: Carbon credits may be something that can be looked at.
  • Tom Stanghellini: What about the public.  Little cars will not fit large people or people with disabilities.  GM and Ford coming out with alternatives next year, everyone should go to car show.
  • Vlad: Individual buyers should be treated the same as if color schemes purchase vehicles. Parts are an issue$100/hr vs $45/hr for service.
  • Doug Cameron: Technology changes daily should be open to future possibilities.  PG&E will be opening methane pipe in future. 

4.      Proposal of Specific Clean Air Vehicles to be used as taxis [INFORMATION]

·          Dir Machen: DOE put together Green Fleet menu based on NYC menu. 

·          Vandana Bali: Chart based on what SF and NY are buying. ACEE put together report on global warming sources. List of every vehicle up to 2.2007/ Two most important factors are cost and maintenance and incentives.  Something will be modified.  After meeting with BAAQMD found out that higher mileage vehicle will receive more funding but not the $4000 initially thought.

·          Pres Gillespie: Exact numbers and vehicle types are needed.

·          Cindy Ward: DeSoto uses 16 E-85 vehicles.

·          Pres Gillespie: CNG using one standard, Crown Victoria 2003.

·          Doug Cameron: Cannot use 2003 because no longer in service.

·          Paul Gillespie: Honda Civic better mileage than 2003 Honda Civic. 

·          John James: Hydrogen is the future.

·          Pres Gillespie: Agrees, and this group will discuss that.

·          Vlad: What about vehicle that can still be used as a taxi.  Having a list will be helpful.

·          Pres Gillespie: Would like a 1990 number of the Crown Victoria emissions to compare new and future models to.

·          Hal: many of these numbers seem suspect.

·          Pres Gillespie: Theses are the same tests used on the older vehicles/ standards as well.  After crunching numbers I became optimistic that we can meet the standards and continue to use Crown Victorias.

·          Joe Mirable: Should phase out Crown Victorias, will soon have plug-in hybrid Sienna’s.

·          Tony Singh: By 2011 all Toyota models will be offered in hybrid option.

  • Dan Hinds: Cities role in this is important.  Must be aware of delivery dates too.
  • John James: Delivery is 12- 14 weeks on hybrids and E-85 are not recognized as because gas is not accessible.
  • Tony Singh: Preformed own analysis and wheel chair fits in Camry although luggage may be tight. Brakes are regenerative and will look into possibility of extending warranty.

5.         Update on incentives and grant funding [DISCUSSION]

  • Dir Machen: Letter received from Taxi Companies was overwhelming. 75 were included, some applications left out because of missing information. Taxi Commission honored DOE included them in their application. Expect response October 2007.
  • Vandana Bali: Three rounds of funding.  Last year applied and received funding.  20 taxi applications applied and granted but waiting for grant agreements in order to receive funding. AB 1811, new pot of money however waiting for guidelines on base mileage. Even buying a newer fuel burning vehicle always better than older model.
  • Dan Hinds: Coordination of funding will help it make it clear to companies. 
  • Pres Gillespie: Can someone from BAAQMD attend next meeting to go over issues?
  • Vandana Bali: Heidi and I discussed the process with someone at BAAQMD.

6.         Future agenda items and timeline [DISCUSSION]

  • Pres Gillespie: Would like to set some goals

      1.   Layout and strategies for funding

      2.   BOS gas and gate subsidy

      3.   Timeline for agenda and carbon offset

  • Cindy Ward: Carbon offset for companies that may not be able to implement program.

7.         Adjournment.



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