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These are daily reports concerning Muni service delivery. The specific reports may vary from day to day.

These reports are posted as PDF files.

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Reports by Date

Abbreviations and jargon used in reports

Standard English abbreviations are not listed. Abbreviations in reports may or may not be followed by a period.

  • CA: Cable Car Division
  • CABLE MACH. RESP.: cable machinery respond 
  • CAD: initial number from police department
  • CAL: California
  • CC: Central Control
  • CHP: California Highway Patrol
  • C/M: cable machinery
  • CPUC: California Public Utilities Commission
  • C/S: cable shop
  • DISP: dispatcher
  • EA: emergency alarm
  • EOR: end of run
  • FL: Flynn Division
  • H&R: hit and run
  • HORN: usually "around the horn," a reference to cable cars that change direction near the cable car barn
  • IB: inbound
  • INSP: inspector
  • KI: Kirkland Division
  • LD: line delay
  • LET GO: an action in which the cable car operator uses the grip mechanism to temporarily release the underground cable while the cable car is moving in order to bypass a known underground obstacle
  • LRV: light rail vehicle
  • LRV2: 2nd car of LRV train
  • LSGP: refers to “listen groups” on the SFMTA radio system
  • M/C: motor coach
  • ME: Metro Division
  • MME, MMI: Muni Metro East
  • MMT: Muni Metro turnback (just east of Embarcadero Station)
  • MMX: Muni Metro extension (portion of Muni Metro on The Embarcadero and King streets)
  • MRO: Muni Railway Operations
  • MRU: Muni Railway Unit
  • N/R: not returned into service
  • NB: northbound
  • O/H, OHL: overhead power lines
  • OB: outbound
  • OP: operator
  • OPS: operators, operator's
  • P&S: a towing company
  • PD: Police Department
  • PDS: platform display sign
  • PI: pull-in
  • PO, POT: Potrero Division
  • PO: pull-out (as a direction)
  • PR: Presidio Division
  • R/C: road call
  • RDO: regular day off
  • SB: southbound
  • SFFD: San Francisco Fire Department
  • SFGH: San Francisco General Hospital
  • SFPD: San Francisco Police Department
  • SI: sent in
  • TRK: track
  • TWU: Transport Workers Union
  • VEH: vehicle
  • WO: Woods Division


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